5 Items You Need But Might Forget to Put in Your Golf Bag

items in your golf bag

If you are an avid golf player, you probably have the contents of your golf bag down to a perfect formula. However, even professionals can be forgetful sometimes, and plenty of must-haves could be missing from your bag. 

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Listed below are five items plenty of players omit from their bags by mistake, and it is a mistake. Each of these items serves its own unique, valuable purpose. Let’s see how many you may have forgotten in the past.

1. A Set of Headcovers

You might be surprised to learn how many golf players don’t bother with headcovers for their clubs, especially if they only play recreationally. Going without headcovers is a big mistake. 

Headcovers not only allow you to add a little expression to your clubs, as you’ll see in the variety of headcovers at Stitch Golf. They also prevent the degradation of your equipment, keep your clubs clean and safe from accidental impact damage, and protect specific clubs. All around, they’re just a good idea.

2. Numerous Golf Balls

You never know when you’ll overshoot and send your golf ball flying into the ether, never to find it again. To avoid immense frustration and a game cut short, always carry a variety of replacement golf balls with you. 

You don’t need to go overboard; you don’t want to weigh yourself down or be wasteful. However, enough replacements to keep your game going is a solid practice. 

3. Tees and Back-up Tees

You should only need to bring a handful of tees to complete a round, so there’s no excuse not to throw them in before heading out. 

Tees ensure that your golf ball rests motionlessly before taking your shot and are integral to a successful game. Several varieties are available, including wooden, plastic, and bamboo, if you feel a little more eco-friendly.

4. Sun Protection

It’s becoming increasingly apparent how severely sun exposure can affect your skin and overall health. Since golf is predominantly a sport played outdoors, you need to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. 

A combination of sunscreen and a sturdy hat (preferably a cap) should be enough to keep you safe. You can never be too careful, so enjoy the rays responsibly!

5. Rain Protection

On the flip side, it isn’t just the sun you need to prepare for but all weather, including rain. While most players will reserve their playing for the warmer months, some hardy veterans will be out on the course all year round. 

If that sounds like you, you need to prepare for the worst. An umbrella and some waterproof clothes will not only protect you but also help prevent your clubs from rusting

Easily Forgotten But Always Needed!

How many have you forgotten in the past? Well, whether it’s only one or two, or the entire list, we’re sure you’ll have learned a valuable lesson today! The contents of your golf bag matter and will affect your performance on the course. Don’t sabotage your own game by forgetting the details!

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