Lavish Interior Trends Celebrities Are Choosing for Their Homes

Lavish Interior Trends
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Zoë Kravitz, Zendaya, and Kris Jenner made it to Times’ 100 Most Influential People list this year not only for their art and talent but also for their sense of style. The clothing, vehicles, and homes they choose have become a source of inspiration for those wishing to live as the stars do. If you wish to bask in the lap of luxury without breaking your budget, consider these celebrity-inspired lavish interior trends, some of which may be more affordable than you think.


Buying into the Biophilic Design Trend

Biophilic design is the buzzword in interior design, with modern millennials seeking to reap the benefits of living in proximity to nature, without necessarily moving to the countryside. Marie Kondo, Billy Porter, and Jessica Alba are just a few stars who are blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor living via features such as living walls, wall cacti, and plants of all sizes and shapes. These range from large statement plants to delicate vines and hanging pots. Indoor trees that purify air by filling your indoors with oxygen are also in. These look great in a sunny corner, in your bathroom, and even in the bedroom. Ideal species to include are the bird of paradise, dragon tree, and European olive. If you have pets, check that the trees and plants you choose are pet-friendly.


Playful Art

For a great idea of the extent to which art can liven up an interior space, check out Kylie Jenner’s abode. Her dining room in particular is a joy to behold, filled as it is with chairs by Martyn Lawrence Bullard in all the shades of pink you can think of! This set is complemented by a playful chandelier by Coup D’etat, butterfly artwork from Damien Hirst’s ‘I Love You’ series, and an ultra-soft shag rug by Woven. The result is a magical oasis that instantly puts you in the mood for great conversation and food. To copy this look, choose different shades of your favorite hue for your chairs; design, print, and frame your own art series, and liven up your dining space with colorful dried flowers.


Living in a Modern Farmhouse

Step inside the home of Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher and you could just forget that they are stars. Kunis insists that they wanted a home, not an estate and the result is a rustic chic abode that is more akin to a luxury barn than a Hollywood mansion. High, wooden-beamed ceilings abound, and natural wood is married to luxury features such as chandeliers, custom silver throne chairs, and a towering entertainment pavilion. To emulate the ‘opulent barn house’ look, choose reclaimed wood furniture, iron-framed glass walls, and occasional artistic features such as pendant lighting or designer bar stools.


Celebrities have the budget to design the house of their dreams. They also have access to visionary designers and artists, all of which provide inspiration for fans and design lovers. If you are inspired by Jessica Alba, Kylie Jenner, or the Kunis-Kutcher family, pick and choose the elements you love the most. Maintain your personal sense of style and ensure your home is as comfortable as it is functional and visually impactful.

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