Turk Drink Champs Interview Has Social Media Going Crazy

Social Media Reacts To Turk's Drink Champs Interview
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Turk’s Drink Champs interview has social media going crazy!

Drink Champs has held us down all summer long with some really good insightful interviews with some of our favorite entertainers and legends of the culture. The most recent Drink Champs episode release sees Louisiana breed rapper Turk from Cash Money talk about using drugs early on in his career, the relationship between Cash Money and No Limit, and his previous issues with his group Hot Boys

Although all of those things are great interview topics, there’s another portion of the interview that has most of social media in an uproar. Within the interview there is a segment in which N.O.R.E. asks Turk to clear up a statement that he previously made about being in jail and having sexual intercourse. Turk goes on the say, “How about an exclusive…I f*cked man!” A shocked Noreaga asks him to repeat himself and looked in disbelief!

Apparently, this portion of the interview has social media going crazy as fans were not prepared for the given response from rapper Turk either. Many Twitter users took to their accounts to express exactly how this admission made them feel, as well as how Drink Champs has become the podcast in which men come to snitch on themselves and others!

Check out some Twitter reactions below:

Watch the full interview below:

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