Best Spotify Promotion Services

Best Spotify Promotion Services
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In recent times, Spotify has become a significant music source for most people; hence, musicians must know how to boost their streams to gain more listeners. Spotify playlist promo can be an important resource for artists seeking success in this highly competitive market. However, to boost their streams on this highly popular music streaming service, artists must know the best Spotify playlist promotion agency to use is.

This article will teach you everything you should know about how to use an organic Spotify Promo service to increase your plays, followers, and income to do well on Spotify.

The top Spotify Promo Services include:

Sound Campaign
Playlist Push
19th and 17th
Submit Hub
Services That Accept all Music or Give a Specified Number of Streams

A guide to a legitimate and successful Spotify promotion

Organic and Legit Playlists

Legitimate activities give Spotify’s function to your song, increasing the likelihood that it will be added to function playlists, such as New Music Friday.

The number of placements and streams is essential, and the playlists which feature a song should be active and full of real listeners. Some Spotify promotion companies make money by using playlists that have been auto-filled by a bot to multiply the streams artificially.

However, a singer whose music is heard by 10,000 real people or streamed on about 10,000 legitimate computers will succeed quicker than a musician who uses fictitious numbers to increase their count of listeners. These genuine listeners, and not the falsely manufactured or purchased streams nonexistent listeners, are what gives a musician success on Spotify.

Playlist Activity

An active playlist with continuous playbacks is where musicians want to see their songs. Music entries by Spotify promotion firms should guarantee that a piece will be put on an active playlist rather than simply assuring that a song will be forwarded for consideration. A music promotion agency should monitor playlist activity and only place their tracks on dynamic playlists. Musicians spend significant amounts of money to pay a service provider to ensure their music reaches a larger audience.

As a musician, looking for a Spotify promo service that follows the Spotify Terms of Service (TOS) and offers legitimate, quality, and the most effective organic Spotify marketing for your songs would be best. Which is the most appropriate Spotify Promotion? We have probed the internet for the most effective Spotify marketing services that provide legit, organic promotion of your music. Investing in soundtrack marketing is worthwhile; artists who trust their work and the tunes they give to be marketed will acknowledge this.

Now that the essentials have been covered, let’s sink into the world of the most excellent Spotify promotion services:


Of course, we have to mention because, since 2015, they have been providing organic, legitimate, and the best Spotify promotion services for independent and major artists. Playlist-Promotion is the most effective Spotify playlist promo service and has been in constant contact with custodians and has access to over 50 million regular listeners and over 3,000 nicely curated music playlists. They have been tracking the growth and activity of the best Spotify playlists of the curators for a significant period. aims to get your music to a large audience and regularly monitor playlist activity across their network. They can also assure Spotify playlist placements in almost every genre once they’ve listened to your music and determined it’s a good fit for their promo services.

They have been featured by Grammy, MTV News, ABC News, and Professional Audio Magazine, and among other respected publications, severally within the period, we’ve been doing music marketing. Major Lazer, BTS, Farid Bang, French Montana, Bring Me The Horizon, and Tiesto is among the major artists with whom they have worked directly outside the Indie genre. They believe no band is too widespread or unknown for them to promote; they can assist all types of musicians in finding the right playlist. takes pride in being quick, transparent, and efficient, and they welcome the opportunity to speak with you about your music anytime. You can contact them today if you would like to give their platform a try. You will not regret choosing them.


Carolina Santos runs this company; she focuses on the continued success of its Spotify musicians. Santos began by signing up Brazilian artists and helping to broadcast the country’s best music charts. She created 40 charts network in Brazil with custodians, representatives, influencers, major labels, and radio stations from various countries. Santos began concentrating on Spotify music promotion in 2017.

As an experienced manager, Santos understands the value of cultivating a genuine fanbase to increase the listeners and activities for musicians. Carolina will pitch your soundtrack to legal playlists nearly similar to your musical genre using personalized campaigns and strategies. Top-40-Songs serves very low prices (starting at €65), allowing artists with limited funds to connect with new listeners who will steam their songs. Carolina’s music marketing service has assisted about 400 independent music artists in advancing their careers.



For over 25 years, this music marketing agency has assisted artists and worked with over 250 artists, demonstrating their integrity, creativity, and hard work., a subsidiary of Web’ n Retail, LLC, offers a variety of advertisement packages from which to select. The first package is available to musicians ready to spread their capital investment over an entire quarter. Package #2, which can be used for a short period, is available to music artists looking for a smaller commitment.

Their service concentrates on suitable playlist placement to provide massive exposure boosts for the track(s) across multiple playlists. guarantees musicians that their advertisements result from genuine efforts that always comply with Spotify’s TOSs. Other packages include a minimum 2-month playlist selection assurance, detailed weekly and monthly updates, post-placement advertising, eblasts to custodians, manual and collective submissions, and 12 weeks of servicing, including all levels as social media posts.

A customer service review expresses our feelings about this Spotify marketing agency. “I’ve experienced consistency while using After working with several other agencies in the past, I’m relieved to finally have an agency I can hang on to for results.”


4. 19th and 7th

19th and 7th are made up of a team of media and music professionals offering full service. It is a significant experience for artists that want CEO Mike McManus to supervise their Spotify advertising. Mr. McManus has been in the music field for decades; he leads using a non-opinionated approach hence offering a realistic and clear expectation for musicians.

This firm produces videos and audio as well as customized promotional campaigns. If you want to boost your streams on Spotify, the 19th and 7th can be a solid proposal. However, we must note that we do not directly speak to the music or video production capabilities. We have experience collaborating with their team, so we can conclude that they will be a good pick.


5.  SoundCampaign

Among the top Spotify promotion services, SoundCampaign secures a spot as one of the top players. Unlike some other promotion companies, SoundCampaign focuses on authenticity and music reviews, aiming to connect artists with real listeners and authentic playlists via their experiences curators.If you are a musician who believes in authentic, effective Spotify promotion, SoundCampaign is your ideal partner. With a proven track record and a commitment to assisting artists of all types, SoundCampaign invites you to explore their platform and elevate your musical journey. You can start your campaign and start to experience the true power of organic Spotify promotion – with SoundCampaign, your music will find its audience, and success will surely follow.

6. Playlist Push

This Spotify promo firm operates with playlist owners, musicians, and curators who want to gain more exposure on Spotify. Their lowest campaigns for 20-30 curator entries cost $280-$400, depending on musical style (not assured placements). This structure can waste music artists because it does not assure a specified figure of Spotify playlist placements.

What Makes Playlist Push Special is that it allows music artists to receive instant feedback from custodians who provide a better understanding of why they placed music on their playlists. This artist-custodian conversation benefits singers because they can understand what makes their music attractive to custodians, how the decision-making procedure evolves, and how to eventually increase their chances of landing on playlists.

However, considering the genre and probably the music quality, we have received multiple reports from artists with unequal Playlist Push outcomes. Various customers have used this agency and had to confess that their song was only placed on a handful of playlists, resulting in only a few hundred streams.

While they claim to only work with precisely focused custodians, some music artists have disclosed that their songs have been put on inactive playlists.
Playlist Push is widely considered one of the legitimate agencies within these best Spotify marketing spaces, and you can get lucky with it.


7. Submit Hub

Submit Hub operates by allowing musicians to offer up their music directly to blogs, Spotify playlist curators, and YouTube channels. Artists can buy credits to pay for the music to be promoted after signing up with Submit Hub, as each custodian determines the value of their credit; this promo agency is suitable for all musicians.

We invested $600 in credits and submitted a tune to almost all custodians in the song’s genre because we are always searching for new playlist custodians. Regrettably, we noticed that custodians declined approximately 80% of our placement requests, even though we used a famous song across the globe. The rejections could not be because of the nature of the music or its quality; it was mixed and mastered by a long-serving studio partnered with major artists such as Beyonce. We received only 11 playlist placements. Eight of the soundtracks were spurious, three soundtrack placements could reach nearly 6,000 followers, and some playlists were inactive. As a result, we were dissatisfied with the Submit Hub’s performance.

We may have a distinctive experienced, but we realized that some Reddit consumers had similar experiences. Our results made us think that Submit Hub does not value the custodians on their platform or the function of their playlists. We are yet to consider submitting soundtracks to blogs or YouTube channels, so we don’t know what is done in Submit Hub. We feel that Submit Hub has an attractive model; however, we don’t think Submit Hub has the interest other music advertising agencies show to custodians and playlists. We believe it has a significant opportunity within the best Spotify promotion niche if they improve its model.


8. Services That Accept all Music or Give a Specified Number of Streams

Many service providers assure a certain number of followers and streams, but they usually use stream farms and Spotify bots. Even the best organic Spotify promotion cannot promise specific numbers; the number of listeners depends on how the music track will perform.

These services may destroy your Spotify account; the fake playlists, fake plays, and inorganic growth disagree with STOS. These may lead to removing your song from the platform and, thus, loss of performance.

Every musician’s goal is to be recognized, but there is a difference between your music being heard by 1000 computers and 1000 real people. Fake music promoters habitually tease you by providing streams cheaply. If you feel that your money is insufficient to run a sustainably grown Spotify promo, save it until it is enough to pay for a genuine playlist promotion.

Also, be keen on marketing companies that accept multiple songs. Curators who care for their playlists to attract listeners are picky about the tunes they receive. Because quality is essential, a music track of poor quality will not be featured on any playlist. Although there are hundreds of music genres, some of which are extremely niche, it is impossible to find all categories of songs on a playlist.

Our recommendation:

Do not pay for any offer until you have contacted that company. Before sending money to a promoter, get feedback from them.


Image Credit:  Photo by Alexander Shatov on Unsplash

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