5 Fitness Influencers To Follow To Help Reach Your Fitness Goals

Fitness Influencers For Summer Body

There are lots of social media fitness influencers that can help you achieve that summer body fitness. Fitness goals are year round! Some dudes are already groaning in the gym, and ladies are putting themselves through a series of starvation to achieve that perfect body. While this is a hell of a performance, it might not give them the result they are craving. Hence, they are disappointed and isolate themselves when it’s time to step out in those sundresses and shorts.

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The thought of this cause more anxiety, especially when the body is unyielding to the times spent in the gym. But, it is not the end of the world, and neither is your body stubborn! Relax, you might not be doing something right. More motivation might also be all you need; this is another issue that social media has solved. Currently, most solutions to trivia problems are available on social media and the summer body desire is not excluded. Since we spend more time on cellphones these days, following these social media fitness influencers will give you all the motivation and technique you need to mold that body.


Fitness Influencers To Follow For Your Fitness Goals


Those looking for motivation need fitness influencers that want more. Adiva is one of them!. Despite her defined curves and beautiful abs, she still aims at further progress in her body. She is an experienced health and wellness instructor at Virginia Commonwealth University in kinesiology and the owner of Getfitwithdiva studio gym. If you want to have her motivate you to summer body fitness, you are in luck. Her personal training is available online at Getfitwithdiva. Org for $8.


C Pryce


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C Pryce is a fitness model and an athlete for my proteinus. With him, you will have a defined target of how you want to look in your fitness journey.

Pryce will also help you stick to the workout plan and stay focused.


Antoinette Lisa


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Antoinette Lisa is a lifestyle and fitness influencer. Many ladies fear that going to the gym will make them gain a masculine structure; but, Lisa proves otherwise. Look at how curved and full her body is. All she does is bodyweight, lightweight with more reps. Lisa preaches consistency and a good diet; if you join her in her workout journey, you will surely be thankful during the sundress period. She is also a partner of Pryce; what an advantage!


Tre Hicks

Imagine dancing and skipping as a routine to lose weight; you will get that often with Tre. Tre hicks is the owner of Elevate health and fitness. He is a weight-loss coach and can motivate you to burn that stomach fat in the quickest and most fun way.


Chanel Dellissa

Chanel is a symbol of passion and professionalism when it comes to fitness. As an occupational therapist, she knows the right workout combination that tones you enough to look confident in the summer. The best part? You can train using her Coco fitness app.


Good luck on those fitness goals!!!

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