George Floyd’s Family Responds, Sues Kanye West For $250 Million in Defamation Lawsuit

Kanye West Returns To 'Drink Champs' To Address His Latest Antics & Antisemitic Attacks On Social Media

Yep! George Floyd’s family sues Kanye West.

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The family of the deceased victim of police brutality, George Floyd have affirmed they will be suing Kanye West. This response follows the statements the rapper made on ‘Drink Champs’. Kanye West will be taken to court in a $250 million lawsuit.

Many voiced out to condemn what Ye had said. Further, N.O.R.E apologised for Kanye West’s antisemitic social media comments on Drink Champs. He conveyed, “I apologize to the George Floyd family. I apologize to anybody that was hurt by Kanye West’s comments.”

However, the matter will now be settled in court. George Floyd’s daughter and her mother are taking the case legally and hired a legal team.

George Floyd's Family Responds, Sues Kanye West For $250 Million in Defamation Lawsuit
“Nevertheless, you have maliciously made statements that are inaccurate and unfounded, causing damage to Mr. Floyd’s estate and his family,” it divulged.

Meanwhile, they are suing Ye as well as his business partners, and associates for harassment, misappropriation, defamation, and infliction of emotional distress for $250 million in damages.

Additionally, the cease and desist letter has been sent to Kanye. The family’s attorneys are requesting that Kanye the interview be taken down and obliterated from the internet.

Also, Ye should be stopped from making future statements concerning Floyd and former ones be deleted.

Let us know what you think of George Floyd’s family and Kanye West’s lawsuit in the comments

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