How Do Casinos Deal with Cheaters?

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For an online establishment like Vegas live casino, dealing with cheaters is a tad complicated, but it all boils down to having a highly secured network and gaming system. However, it is a different game altogether for a land-based casino. Today, we will show you several ways a casino deals with cheaters.


1. In-house Authorities

The first thing that casino management does is deal with the cheater and let him go — it all depends on the amount of money that the cheater has taken from the casino. Most of the time, it is really hard to tell, and the casino management only has a suspicion. 

Here is a usual process:

  • One or two people in a suit would approach the player.
  • They would tell him that he could not play anymore. 
  • If a player asks why they will simply say they do not like how he plays. 

Of course, casino management will not always just approach somebody who is winning. They have analysts who watch the suspected cheating player. This statistician will review the win percentage of the player and then assess if this win percentage is an anomaly. 


2. FBI or Police

Management that has enough evidence of large-scale cheating will involve the authorities. The people who cheated would be handed over to law enforcement. Different states have different policies about this.

Some states have a dedicated law enforcement agency for casino fraud. For example, Nevada has the Nevada Gaming Control. Indian casinos usually have their own police departments.

Some states like Nevada have what people just call the Black Book. It is a book that lists people who have been caught cheating and are barred from entering land-based casinos. People who have also been convicted of cheating will find their names in this book. Once that name is in that book, it becomes a criminal offense for that person to go inside any Nevada casino.


3. Violence

Many movies show casino management beating someone because he cheated. While this is not true for legally operating casinos, it is somewhat possible, but only for shady gambling institutions.

There are casinos where organized crime syndicates operate. Anyone foolish enough to cheat these operators will get a beating of their lives. Criminals do not want to be taken advantage of, and some would never hesitate to break someone’s bones if caught cheating. 


Prevention of Casino Cheating

Now that we know how casinos deal with players, we need to take into consideration how casinos prevent and monitor cheating activities.

Surveillance Camera

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of cameras inside a casino. There is a security room where not only guards but also game experts analyze the movement of players. This analysis includes winning rates, people who seem to be in cahoots with each other, and so many more. 

Some casinos also use AI or artificial intelligence. For example, some cameras are connected to an AI algorithm that can perform face recognition. This AI has access to a database of known cheats, card counters, and criminals that target casinos. Once the AI detects and confirms this person’s identity, the security guards will escort this person out of the casino.


Playing Procedures

Another method that casinos use to prevent cheating is the proper implementation of procedure that reduces cheating success. For example, there are specific ways for dealers to shuffle cards. If anyone violates that process, the dealer will get notified by management to walk away — perhaps for disciplinary action, or maybe he would get fired.

For card games like blackjack, there are also proper ways to put the cards in the deck, a proper time to replace the cards, etc. 


Trained Staff

Casino employees receive proper training before they get deployed on the floor. There is different training for dealers, waiters, guards, and all other employees. 

These employees look for telltale signs of cheating, like hand signals and behaviors. For example, they can look for players who try to enter cheat codes into slot machines. Some guards in civilian clothing can also look for hand signals between players who try to outsmart a game. 

Another sign that they can look for is when a player plays too many hands in a row. If a player does this without taking a break, it is possible that this player is cheating with someone, especially if he has a bigger win percentage. 

If the management suspects that a player is cheating, but they cannot prove it, it is likely that they would just tell the player that he has won enough already and that they would give him a complimentary hotel room. 

Land-based casinos have to implement a lot of security measures to ensure that the business is free from cheating. If they ever catch someone cheating, they simply bar him from entering the establishment or call the authorities. Legally operating casinos would never hurt anybody. As a big business, casinos do not want to do anything that can give a person a reason to sue them.

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