Tasha K Provokes Nicki Minaj To Shade Megan Thee Stallion On Instagram Live

Tasha K Provokes Nicki Minaj To Shade Megan Thee Stallion On Instagram Live

Media personality Tasha K provokes Nicki Minaj to shade Megan Thee Stallion while on Instagram live last night!

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How does Taska K end up on Instagram live with Nicki Minaj when she has business to tend to you ask? Not exactly sure why Nicki would add her to her Instagram livestream at this point, but she did, and she definitely tried it with the “Super Freaky Girl” rapper. A video clip of Nicki Minaj on livestream with Tasha K has made it’s rounds on Twitter in which the media personality tries to get Nicki Minaj to join her in shading fellow female rapper Megan Thee Stallion.

The clip starts off with Tasha K stating very clearly: “…[sh’t] we just talkin’ bout Megan you know she done [f’cked] up Teyana house. Teyana had to sell that house…from all them damages to that house…” To which Nicki Minaj replies, “what house!”

Tasha explains a little deeper with Nicki doing her bug eye look around search as to conclude she has no idea what Tasha is talking about. Tasha K laughs its off and tries to move pass the moment and asked Nicki what she had going on as far as music was concerned.

Nicki Minaj stopped Taska K and basically wanted to know how was she going to speed pass the whole “Megan Thee Stallion and Teyanan Taylor” comment like she didn’t really just try to get her to join in on her messy plot! “Yo, am I confused, is everybody else confused, Tasha you was talking about Teyana Taylor? Nicki says and beams into the camera.

Tasha K laughs and explains a little further in detail as Nicki listens and makes facial expressions. Once Tasha is done with her explanation, Nicki reads a comment from her live stream while laughing that says she should abort the mission!

Of course, we are not completely sure as to what house Teyana Taylor allegedly rented to Megan Thee Stallion that Tasha K is referring to, but Twitter handle KenBarbie did provide some incite. We do know Teyana and her former NBA superstar husband Iman Shumpert reportedly sold their house in Studio City, California, for $4 million, according to TMZ.

Now you know the Barbz were in full formation to address this latest Tasha K shadiness, pointing out how the Panama City native still has not learned not to put out false and misleading information about entertainers. She is currently facing a ruling from a judge ordering her to pay rapper Cardi B $4M in damages for defamation. Now she provokes Nicki Minaj to join her in shading Megan Thee Stallion, the woman is consistent! Check out their reactions below!

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