21 Savage Says He Never Called Nas Irrelevant And He Stands On What He Said

21 Savage Says He Never Called Nas Irrelevant

21 Savage didn’t call Nas irrelevant, and he said what he said!

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London rapper 21 Savage has been extremely relevant on all social media timelines for the past few days. From memes with Drake over their new hit “Rich Flex” from their joint album Her Loss released a little over a week ago, or for confidently claiming valedictorian of his XXL Freshman class which included fellow rapper Kodak Black.

Earlier today, news surfaced that had a lot of social media upset with 21 Savage and calling him disrespectful. Apparently, the rapper was on Clubhouse having a discussion about hip-hop, that took a turn to the relevance of why hip-hop music is dissected the way it is instead of just enjoying it.

As the conversation went on (between more than 3 men) 21 Savage asked the question who in hip-hop could do what Nas just did, by dropping a new album. To which the others in the conversation begin to name names of “old rappers” such as Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, ScarfaceToo Short, Fat Joe, Kool G Rap and Big Daddy Kane.

The conversation carries on, and you do hear 21 say the words, “Nas is irrelevant”…but it is in context of the conversation to speak to the fact that relevance has nothing to do with success and being able to put out an album or produce timeless music. A YouTube user was able to upload the conversation, you can listen below: 

21 Savage saw a need to defend allegations circulating around social media that he somehow was calling Nas irrelevant during the conversation. He does another Clubhouse livestream where he is in another group conversation and expresses that those who are real ones knew what he meant, he was not calling Nas irrelevant, and anyone who tried to twist his words were trolling and looking for click bait. Listen below: 

What do you think? Was 21 Savage calling Nas irrelevant, then back tracking once he received backlash, or was he being trolled? Let us know in the comments!

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