MC Serch Confesses Nas Owns Jay-Z’s Publishing, “Takeover” Is False

serch nas publishing

MC Serch, best known for his 3rd Bass classic tunes, recently spoke about owning Nas‘ publishing. In a twist of events, the music executive dropped a bomb claiming the Queensbridge spitter actually owns rights to Jay-Z‘s music — not the other way around.

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“While Jay likes to say that, Nas owns Jay Z’s publishing — Jay does not own Nas’ publishing,” MC Serch states. The confession was dropped recently on My Expert Opinion, a YouTube podcast hosted by battle rap legend Math Hoffa.

Serch went on to explain the publishing state of affairs. “Any printing that says Dead Presidents, Nas owns 50% of that song. And I own none of it, I administer it. So what I do is, meaning the administrator, is I just sign and approve it—and for that I get 5%. I don’t own anything.”

Naturally, MC Serch is referring to the infamous diss line on Jay Z’s rap battle song addressed to Nas, the Takeover. “So yeah, I sampled your voice, you was using it wrong, You made it a hot line, I made it a hot song. And, you ain’t get a coin ngga you was gettin fcked, and I know who I paid God, Serchlite Publishing,” sung Jay Z on the track.

serch nas publishing
MC Serch in the 80’s

Earlier this week, Nas actually claimed Jay-Z attempted to ‘outshine’ his latest album release by posting a photo of all the Grammy Awards he’s won over the years. It appears, that the Brooklyn rapper just has to compete with Nas regardless of the year or circumstances. Would you say this is good for Hip-Hop or is Mr. Carter simply a hater?

Check out the MC Serch‘s interview with Math Hoffa HERE.

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