Snoop Dogg & Universal Pictures Set To Release Rapper’s Biopic

Snoop Dogg biopic

Snoop Dogg, CEO of Death Row Records, has dropped classic tunes with Dr. Dre, befriended Tupac Shakur, beat a homicide case, released NFT albums, and now Universal Pictures is bringing his iconic fable to a screen near you with a Snoop Dogg biopic.

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Snoop said in a statement: “I waited a long time to put this project together because I wanted to choose the right director, the perfect writer, and the greatest movie company I could partner with that could understand the legacy that I’m trying to portray on screen, and the memory I’m trying to leave behind. It was the perfect marriage. It was holy matrimony, not holy macaroni.”

Snoop spoke about the project on his Instagram with a caption-filled sentence: “🎥🔥🌹🎈♥️”

Universal Pictures announced on Wednesday their plans for the venture, disclosing Allen Hughes (Menace II Society) is on board as director, screenwriter Robert Cole (Black Panther) will work his pen magic, and Snoop Dogg is taking home producer credits.

Alongside Snoop, Hughes and Sara Ramaker will produce the feature. The biopic’s release date has yet to be revealed.

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