Tony Yayo Says The Game’s 1st Album Is Not Better Than Lloyd Banks’

tony yayo album

It’s no secret that 50 Cent‘s general, Tony Yayo, doesn’t care to discuss former G-Unit member, The Game. Nonetheless, in a recent interview Yayo flat out stated that Lloyd Banks‘ debut album, The Hunger For More, is better than The Documentary.

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“So, you put Hunger For More over The Documentary?” asked DJ Vlad in a recent interview with the gangster rapper on his famed platform, VladTV. Yayo seamlessly responded, “Yeah.” DJ Vlad counters, “Okay.” Yayo then repeats, “I put Hunger For More over The Documentary.”

Anyone that knows the tumultuous history between The Game, 50 Cent and the rest of G-Unit, is not astonished Tony Yayo would go to bat for Banks and publicly say his longtime pal’s debut album is better than someone that made a beef with his childhood friend in South Jamaica. However, Yayo didn’t stop there.

“Why?” Yayo asked Vlad. “You think that’s f*cked up ’cause I’m still cool with Banks?” Naturally, Vlad answers no and says in response, “Me personally, I put The Documentary over The Hunger For More, but that’s just my personal preference.” Yayo, a tad baffled, replies, “You for real!?”

tony yayo album

With Dr. Dre and 50 Cent heavily co-masterminding The Documentary, most hip-hop heads more than likely would choose The Game‘s debut album over Lloyd Banks‘ (similar to DJ Vlad). Thus, Tony Yayo claiming The Hunger For More album is a better project, some may say is a ‘shot fired’ toward The Game‘s direction. What do you think?

View Tony Yayo discussing the topic with DJ Vlad HERE.

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