Austin, Texas: Top 5 Hard Money Lenders Ranked

Hard Money Lenders

Hard money refers to the instant money provided by the lender to initiate real estate funding for both novice and experienced investors. In essence, it is instant cash that borrowers require to start a quick investment.

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You can not apply for hard money in traditional banks, nor do you require to provide extensive personal documents for it. You don’t have to provide your financial records, salary slip, or identification to apply for hard money.

Lenders will usually provide you with hard money in return for securing a real estate asset. This asset can be anything from the house you want to buy to your own house. It depends on you which will be presented as your asset.

You will also get the loan within a short period of time. Usually, it takes ten or fewer days to approve a hard loan to a borrower in Austin, Texas. You can apply for loans without any delay as you will face drawing a traditional loan at any commercial or government bank.

However, you can repay the loan money with interest within a year or a few months span. As the interest is high, repaying on time will only benefit you in a multitude of ways.

What Is A Hard Money Loan?

If you are looking to borrow instant cash to invest in that real estate business you’ve initiated, then that amount of instant cash provided by a private funding company or individual lender will become a hard money loan.

All hard money lending comes with collateral,  where you provide your lender with a security asset. If you fail to repay the amount you’ve borrowed from the lender, then they can take your collateral for reselling.

Hard money loans are short term with mostly five years of duration within which you’ll have to repay. You should not take too much time to repay your loan amount because all hard money comes with a higher interest rate.

Top Hard Money Lenders

Top 5 Hard Money Lenders 

There are several companies and funding agencies that can approve a loan. These are the funding agencies to look for if you are based in Austin.

Little City Investment

Little City Investment is a funding agency that has years of experience in successfully lending hard money loans to real estate borrowers. They are well-secured investors backed by Texas real estate agencies.

If you are investing in flipping or building homes or if you are the landlord who needs to fix a house to initiate its reselling. You are welcome here at Little City Investment, who will look into your current financial aspect to provide you with better guidance on how to enhance profit in the real estate property market.

You will be working with decision-makers. Their services and products are widespread. They can also research on your behalf to tell you which loan service will suit you best. You will have well-secured mortgage loans. The funding agency guarantees you a profit of 9% to 12%.

HouseMax Funding

HouseMax Funding is one of the fastest-growing hard money lenders in Texas. They are here to help you out with over 25 years of lending experience. They have funded over 1250 deals and flipped more than 3,000 houses.

You can easily qualify for a hard money loan application at this funding agency. You can just call or email the funding agency and talk about the deal on call. They will provide you with an expert analysis of whether the deal is doable or not.

They are direct lenders who will transact your fund directly to your account from their own private capital. So, you don’t need to worry about any third-party involvement. They regulate their operation in the suburban and urban areas of Austin, Texas.

Max Leaman Austin Mortgage 

The Leaman team initiated their service in 2001 and served borrowers throughout Texas, Colorado, Florida, and Oklahoma.

Leaman Team has collaborated on several home loans. Clients usually work hand in hand with the lending service provider. They have an excellent team of working professionals who will work together with the client on every transaction.

Loan Ranger Capital

This funding agency completely deals with hard money lending services. They have deep knowledge of the market regarding hard money borrowing. If you apply for instant cash at the agency, they will invariably provide you with instant cash.

They will contact you and guide you through more financing options to help you out with more funding needs. You can apply for fix and flip, construction, transactional, and buy & hold loans with Loan Ranger Capital.

You can create an online borrower portal on the website of Loan Ranger Capital and have easier access to the system. There are several payment options to choose from at your convenience.

The Blunt Team PrimeLending

You can easily purchase, renovate, and refinance with the help of the Blunt Team PrimeLending, which is a funding agency that allows hard money loans. They are located in Austin’s neighborhood and are well known for providing 24 hours services.

You can contact them any time of the day to gain insight into their constructive funding policy. They will also guide you in managing your finances after you’ve been allowed a hard money loan.


Texas has a flourishing niche of real estate investments.


After the pandemic, more people are now moving to the state since they provide an enriching environment for businesses to develop. You can easily manage profit from flipping & fixing purchase houses after reselling them.

These hard money lender companies will be beneficial for you to grow a business in real estate. Even if you are a novice investor, these lenders can guide you to gain insight into more financial opportunities.

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