Where To Watch Others Trade Live

Watch Others Trade Live
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Becoming an independent trader is challenging, especially if you do not have enough knowledge regarding the asset and market you plan to invest in. To improve your skills and become more independent, consider taking advantage of various learning resources on various websites and brokers’ platforms. You should also watch other people trade live to learn how trades are executed and managed. 

So, where can you watch others trade live and share their ideas, charts, or market analysis? We list below the best platforms to watch live trading activities and acquire proper knowledge to help you kickstart your activities. 

  1. Twitch

Twitch is one of the most popular and highly rated platforms to watch others trade live. Here, you get to interact with other traders following the broadcaster and learn various trading ideas. You can also get a few trading tips and information from the live streams since you will understand how trades are executed and managed for maximum potential. Moreover, Twitch enables live comments, where you get to leave your views and questions, thus receiving clarifications from the broadcaster and other users. 

The best element about Twitch is that live streams are scheduled, thus allowing you to plan and prepare for the session. In addition, viewers do not need an account to view live streams, and you get to enjoy the services free of charge. Furthermore, once you become independent, you can create your own streaming account to educate your followers and earn a small fee. The platform is compatible with both desktop and mobile devices. 

  1. Youtube Live

Youtube is a native live-streaming platform used by many traders globally. It is compatible with various trading platforms, allowing users to stream their live trading activities regardless of the brokers they use. For instance, if you are a UK trader, simply subscribe to UK expert traders’ youtube channels, and follow their live streams for trading knowledge. The fact that this platform features a comment section makes it easier for you to interact with other traders and discover the best automated trading platforms in the UK. 

Youtube live is free to use, and you do not need an account to follow live streams. Besides desktop, you can also watch trading activities using your mobile device for as long as you are familiar with the live streaming schedules. On top of that, users can save videos and refer to them later at their convenient time for more understanding. 

  1. DLive

DLive is a unique live-streaming platform that allows users to acquire information through blockchain technology. It rewards its users whether you are sharing content or viewing using currencies called “lemons,” which can also be spent on emotes and stickers in the chat. Simply put, DLive is a unique live-streaming platform that helps you enjoy your experience and earn rewards as a result. You can also find reliable brokers from the live streams, but ensure you conduct further research on them to ensure they suit your trading requirements. 

Note that DLive has a community platform that allows you to connect with other traders and share your thoughts regarding ongoing live streams. Besides, its revenue share for content creators is low compared to that on YouTube and Twitch. For this reason, you are guaranteed more content to learn from and quickly build your skills to begin trading. Although the platform still has a smaller community, we expect it to grow in the near future as more users join the community.

Are You Ready to Start Streaming Traders?

One of the best ways to become an independent trader and maximize your potential in the financial industry is to listen to expert traders’ advice. Besides following them on social media platforms, ensure you also watch their live trades using reliable platforms like the ones referenced above.

In addition, take advantage of expert traders’ audience in the comment section to learn a few trading tips and ideas. You should also consider signing up for a trading account on the best broker’s platform and gauge your skill level using its demo account. This way, you will know whether you are ready to try your luck using real money in the live markets.

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