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[FIRST LOOK] Meet the Contestants of Amazon Freevee’s ‘America’s Test Kitchen: The Next Generation’, Hosted By Jeannie Mae Jenkins

[FIRST LOOK] Meet the Contestants of Amazon Freevee's 'America's Test Kitchen: The Next Generation'
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Amazon Freevee and America’s Test Kitchen are working together to find the next member of the cast through a cooking competition coming to your screens this December called America’s Test Kitchen: The Next Generation.

The new show will be a space where home cooks can show their skills as well as compete against one another while creating unique dishes. More than their culinary skills, their personality will be tested if they are a good fit for the team.

The winner of the show will get every cook’s dream — that is, a chance to author their own cookbook. Let us not forget an opportunity to be on America’s Test Kitchen team and a cash prize of $100,000.

Watch the America’s Test Kitchen: The Next Generation trailer here

Daytime Emmy winner, Jeannie Mai Jenkins will be appearing as the.host. Meanwhile, the show will feature Claudette Zepeda, Gesine Bullock-Prado, Jamie Bissonnette, Karen Akunowicz, Kwame Onwuachi, and Nick DiGiovanni as guest judges.

Amazon Freevee’s ‘America’s Test Kitchen: The Next Generation’ contestants are a total of 11 cooks. They are Antoinette Johnson, Dr. Basil Maqbool, Brooke Baevsky, Christina Phan, Corrina Sepulveda, Garrett Schlichte, Jessica Lawson, Marc Sievers, Peter Cardoz, Rashmi Primlani, Robbie Guevarra

Additionally, it is set to start December 9 on Amazon Freevee in the U.S. and UK. The show will take place at America’s Test Kitchen headquarters in Boston and will consist of 10 episodes and air new ones every week till February 10.


Meet the Contestants of Amazon Freevee’s ‘America’s Test Kitchen: The Next Generation’

Antoinette Johnson

Antoinette Johnson is a digital content creator who enjoys cooking. The Kentucky native often adds a Southern twist to her dishes. Bringing her creative side to her cooking, she also tries to find ways to recreate classic recipes with a modern touch. Johnson is a single mother of a beautiful girl.

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Dr. Basil Maqbool

Dr. Basil Maqbool is popularly known for appearing on Bravo’s Top Chef Amateurs 2021 where he emerged as the winner in episode 2. Born in Wincester, Masqbool often incorporates a balance of Pakistan flavors to his cooking and beliefs they go well with most foods especially Latin American and European. He is a pharmacist by profession but loves to get dirty in in the kitchen.

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Brooke Baevsky

Brooke Baevsky has taken her skills from the kitchen to social media. Popularly known as ChefBae, she has amassed over 158k followers on TikTok where she gives insights into her life as a private chef. Bae founded a nonprofit cooking program and is loved for her fun approach to eating healthy.

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Christina Phan

Born to a Vietnamese family, Christina Phan has always been interested in food. Growing up, she followed her interest and learned how to cook opening herself to the world to appreciate all kinds of meals. She calls herself a “food nerd” and hopes to get into it full-time.

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Corrina Sepulveda

Hailing from Costa Mesa, California, Corrina Sepulveda is of Colombian and Mexican heritage. Although she is gluten intolerant, the unique chef can cook a variety of meals despite following a gluten-free diet herself. Her goal is to provide gluten-free meals accessible to all

America's Test Kitchen: The Next Generation' contestants Corrina Sepulveda


Garrett Schlichte

Garrett Schlichte is a prolific writer who has published work with The Washington Post, The New York Times, and Jezebel. After publicly admitting to being gay/queer, the chef now lends his voice to the trans community through his writings and other media form. If they win, they plan to donate a part to The Okra Project, an LGBTQ nonprofit.

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Jessica Lawson

Jessica Lawson began Big Delicious Life, a food blog she started in 2020 where she shares recipes to inspire people to eat healthily. Growing up watching family members cook in the kitchen, she believes food has the power to bring people together. She is also the co-founder of The Mariposa DR Foundation.

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Marc Sievers

The vegetarian cook is a mix of Italian and French heritage. Marc Sievers is a food content creator and stylist. He has also authored his own cookbook. Sievers specializes in making nutritious and delicious vegetarian meals perfect for all.

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Peter Cardoz

Peter Cardoz is a business consultant and the son of renowned chef Floyd Cardoz. The dog lover started his own CBD-infused culinary products. Cardoz never leaves his Indian spices out of any recipe and hopes to keep his father’s legacy by winning America’s Test Kitchen: The Next Generation’.

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Rashmi Primlani

Rashmi Primlani is a freelance wine educator and writer addicted to cooking. The self-taught home chef was born and raised in India. She lives in Orlando and hopes to launch an ethnic culinary teaching program if she wins.

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Robbie Guevarra

Robbie Guevarra is from a large Filipino family and learned to cook from his dad. While practice made his skills perfect, his mum played a large part in urging him to include traditional Filipino flavors in his dishes.

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Let us know what you think about America’s Test Kitchen: The Next Generation’ contestants.


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