House Committee Proposes Criminal Charges Against Trump

House Criminal Trump
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On Monday, the House committee investigating the ruffianly Jan. 6, 2021, ambush on the U.S. Capitol insisted the Justice Department to bring criminal charges against Donald Trump for his sweeping attempts to bowl over his loss in the 2020 election. Among the felonious acts the panel advanced are “obstruction of an official proceeding, aiding in an insurrection, and conspiracy to defraud the United States.”

In an unanimous effort, the panel agreed to send the criminal complaints to the Justice Department. The applications, which is the House’s first time they’ve called for criminal charges against an ex-president, do not ensure that Trump will be arraigned — however, they do hurl gas atop the flame of evidence being considered by special counsel Jack Smith and the Justice Department in its own probing of the 45th President.

Chairman Bennie Thompson claimed The Apprentice star “broke the faith” that folks have in a democracy when they cast ballots. Thompson stated: “He [Trump] lost the 2020 election and knew it. But he chose to try to stay in office through a multi-part scheme to overturn the results and block the transfer of power.” The Chairman remarked the criminal justice system can render answerability, furthering, “We have every confidence that the work of this committee will help provide a roadmap to justice.”

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In a segment of their report, House investigators wrote: “Even if it were true that President Trump genuinely believed the election was stolen, this is no defense. No president can ignore the courts and purposely violate the law no matter what supposed ‘justification’ he or she presents.” Trump, prior to Monday’s final hearing, said via Truth Social: “The Unselect Committee of political hacks are the same group that came up with the RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA HOAX, not to mention many others. They are Corrupt cowards who hate our Country!”

House Criminal Trump
The House panel pushes for criminal charges against former president Donald Trump

Do you feel President Trump will face criminal charges in court or remain Teflon Don(ald)?

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