Chrisean Rock Apologizes to Blueface and Her Fans, Asks for Prayers for Mental Health Struggles

Chrisean Rock Apologizes to Blueface and Her Fans, Asks for Prayers for Mental Health Struggles
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In a lengthy social media message, Chrisean Rock apologizes to Blueface, her family and her fans after the couple’s most recent Twitter feud.

On Wednesday January 18, 2023, Chrisean Rock and Blueface took their grievances with one another to Twitter with Blueface calling out Chrisean for not keeping their relationship 50/50 and thanking God for having only one baby’s mother, and Chrisean calling Blueface weird for tweeting about her while lying next to her.

In the latest episode of their reality tv show Crazy In Love on Zeus Network, Chrisean Rock’s meeting with Blueface’s family nearly turned into a physical altercation between the rapper and his brother. Mainly with the L.A. rapper’s brother pointing out how Chrisean has been in a physical altercation with both his mother and his sister.

During the Twitter feud, Chrisean also accused Blueface of constantly dragging her down and neglecting her mental health. Once the aftermath settled, Chrisean shared an alarming message candidly discussing her battle with depression while also apologizing to Blueface and her fans.

“I just need everyone to pray for me. I ran to social media for this cuz honestly I appreciate my fans n love to be very transparent. Hopefully, my darkness is someone’s light,” she wrote.

Chrisean further explained she’s suffered depression and attempted self-harm in the past, which she said caused her to distance herself from her family.

Blueface seemingly responded to Chrisean’s apology and described himself as a “proud father,” applauding Chrisean for taking accountability for her actions.

“First step to fixing a problem is admitting you have one and reflecting on wrong decisions,” he wrote. “This is dope and best thing, no victim role here. This is accountability.”

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