Overview Of The World’s Oldest Casinos

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Historically, casinos have always attracted people with their glamour, glitz and riches. But today’s bright lights and exciting buzz in casinos is a far different story from when these casinos were still much more modest and establishments full of characters played by today’s Hollywood movie stars.

Life has changed a lot and today, online casinos, which can be accessed via an online casino website, are gaining in popularity and in the old days, no one even knew or imagined the possibilities that online casinos like Casitsu Kasiino offer and make possible today. Let’s take a look at the oldest casinos in the world and what they offer their customers today.


Venezia Casino (1638)

Of course, a casino that claims to be one of the oldest in the world has to be located in Italy. Believed to have been in operation since at least 1638, the ‘Casino di Venezia’ in Venice is located along the world-famous canals of the historic and stylish Italian city.

Entered from the canal and adorned with classic Venetian architecture, it is still possible to vividly imagine the Venetian elite sailing and enjoying aperitifs while they entertained and gambled in the casino. Much of the casino’s extravagant interior design still reflects the old days.

Today, the Casino di Venezia offers players the chance to live the full life for a few days, trying their luck at classic games such as blackjack, roulette and poker while enjoying fine dining. But the casino is also home to around 600 slot machines, something that no one would have encountered in a casino in the old days.


Monte Carlo Casino (1863)

Casino de Monte-Carlo, founded in 1863, is today one of the oldest and largest casinos in Europe. It was named in 1866 in honour of Prince Charles III, who personally spearheaded its development. “Monte Carlo’ means ‘Mount Charles’ in Ligurian.

The casino is famous for James Bond’s film sets ‘Casino Royale’ and ‘Goldeneye’. Given its location and history, it is perhaps not surprising that the casino still welcomes the rich and famous with its magnificent rooms and entertainment.

The casino’s exclusive bars, sumptuous concert halls, theatre and upscale restaurants make it a food and cultural attraction, a casino where opera and ballet can be enjoyed.


Baden-Baden Casino (1820s)

Germany’s oldest casino can be found in the popular and historic resort town of Baden-Baden. This gives you an idea of the clientele the casino might have attracted in the 1820s, when it was originally built.

Still with its neo-classical architecture and magnificent, opulent interior, the casino is still open to guests today and is located in the magnificent and spectacular Kurhaus Centre, which hosts events and conferences and also features a spa.

Channeling this positive energy, the casino today combines its gorgeous décor and beautiful chandeliers with slightly more modern additions such as slot machines.


Crockford Club (1823)

The United Kingdom or London, of course, can never be far behind the rest of the world when it comes to historic casinos. The Crockford Club claims to be one of the oldest clubs, which, after opening in 1823, operated mainly as a gentlemen’s club.

It is thought that the Crockford Club has long attracted important politicians and decision-makers to its membership, rather than ordinary people. History has seen the club close on several occasions, but it reopened in various years until it finally closed its doors for good in 1970.

The name of the club itself, however, lives on as the name of the nearby casino, although it has no real connection with the original establishment.

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