Cori Broadus Battles Stage 3 Lupus & Recently Had a Kidney Biopsy

Cori Broadus Battles Stage 3 Lupus
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Cori Broadus battles stage 3 lupus, and she’s opening up about the kidney biopsy that she recently had.

The procedure involves taking a piece of kidney tissue from a person’s body to be able to diagnose any problems with the kidney. Broadus, who is a singer and the only daughter of legendary rapper Snoop Dogg, gave fans updates through her Instagram.

She shared on her Instagram story: “I get a kidney biopsy today. I’m so scared. [The] last time I got one I was like 7/8.”

However, Broadus’ procedure was rescheduled due to her blood pressure being too high. When a new date for the biopsy was approved by a cardiologist, the 23-year-old expressed that the test had positive findings.

“[I] did it! Everything went well, have to stay for 6 hours to make sure no bleeding or anything.” Additionally, Broadus detailed that her kidneys are fine but inflamed.

The rising songstress’ biopsy is part of her struggle with lupus, a disease that is a result of your immune system attacking your tissues and organs.

In conclusion, she informed fans that her lupus is at stage 3 out of 5, signifying good news for her. “3 is mild but still active, I would have had to get chemotherapy if I was at 4.”

Also, she was told that her condition is still at a reversible stage. Now, Broadus will use a BENLYSTA treatment plan as recommended by doctors.

Cori Broadus Battles Stage 3 Lupus & Recently Had a Kidney Biopsy

Cori Broadus’ Journey With Lupus

The California native, who was born on June 22, 1999 to Shante Broadus and celebrated rhymer Snoop Dogg, was first diagnosed with lupus at the age of 6.

When speaking of her experience with lupus in 2022, she talked about how hair loss from the disease inspired her family to start their own scarf line.

She said: “So my immune system is super weak. I [have] experienced hair loss, so my mom came home one day with a bunch of scarves, and we were playing in scarves and just trying them [in] different ways.”

With her health in check, Broadus can now focus on her upcoming nuptials with photographer Wayne Deuce.

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