[INTERVIEW] Through Blood & Faith – Go In Depth With The Cast of WEtv’s ‘Grown & Gospel’

Grown and Gospel Cast Interview
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WEtv presents, Grown & Gospel this Spring, a new reality series on the next generation of Gospel, music and television talent.  The series introduces us to Breeann “Bree” Hammond, Tasha Page-Lockhart, Nikkia Cole-Beach, Elijah Connor, Shana Wilson-Williams and J. Brooks, some new faces, but all with a long history in the industry.  Through blood and faith, these childhood friends come together to give you love, laughter, relatable issues and the GOSPEL.  We went behind the scenes with them for our Grown and Gospel cast interview.

In life we have choices, we have what life throws at us and what God intended for us to have. At times, we may stumble on opportunities or issues that arise and we have to decide if we are going to let it bring us down or lift us up. Either way it will have an effect. The six childhood friends place their life under the microscope to share their struggles and their own journey.  Grown & Gospel premieres on March 16th at 9pm ET.

Here’s your first look at WEtv’s Grown & Gospel

There were many reasons as to why these six friends decided to say yes about being on the show together but they also found that separately this could be a great opportunity to have the world get to know who they are as individuals instead of what others may know about their families and/or parents. Each cast member brings their own flavor to the show by encouraging each other to become a better versions of themselves. Our Grown and Gospel cast interview dove into it…

Breeann “Bree” Hammond

“I wanted to say yes because this was something in my heart to do. I have been seeking out a way to get my story out, a way to share my testimony. I do believe that we are overcome by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony. Despite my flaws, my fears, my missteps, I still believe that I can make a major impact for the Kingdom. Kingdom reign, by the time I was reached out by Carlos, it was confirmation. I was immediately aligned with what I believe the Lord was already leading me to do and pursue. So it was literally a no brainer by the time Carlos came to me, I was so honored and I am still in awe that God has gotten me to this point. So absolutely, yes yes yes a thousand times.”


Tasha Page-Lockhart - Grown and Gospel cast interview
Tasha Page-Lockhart

“Well you know, kind of nervous still because you just don’t really want everyone to know private parts of your life but also I am grateful. Even with all of the digital spaces and social media, your Netflix, YouTube and all of your streaming platforms it’s still a big deal to be on tv every week. So to have this opportunity more than being nervous, I have to say the word grateful because they could have picked anybody. There are so many others with so many fascinating stories that will leave you in awe but for some reason God saw fit for the six of us to be able to do this together. So I’m just grateful and I just hope that somebody’s life is changed, without being deep, maybe someone is having a bad day and we may say something that is funny that can cheer them up. I just don’t want it to be in vain because we have poured out so much, overall I would have to say I am just grateful.”

Nikkia Cole-Beach - Grown and Gospel cast interview
Nikkia Cole-Beach

“Coming from being the BTS Queen to here is very new for me. I have always been escaping tv or cameras because I have always just been in work mode. So just to have this opportunity presented to me I am just truly blessed and honored because you are able to see the dynamic of my life being that I am amongst a cast that sings and is in the forefront but you’re going to slowly see me coming into the forefront as well but in my own element so I am really excited.”




Elijah Connor - Grown and Gospel cast interview
Elijah Connor

“Well not only just to be on tv but to be on tv with your friends, people you grew up with. I think what’s so special about us is that you’ve seen other reality shows where they had to piece a “beef” or something together but because we are all friends something organically is going to happen, which it did. It’s just so much that is going to unfold. I am grateful to be able to share my story, especially coming off of the Diddy stare down meme, for the world to see that I am human. You know, I am the guy behind the stare but they also have a chance to really get to know me. I’m grateful.”

Elijah, like many of the cast members, is on the journey of developing new stories, new headlines for others to view. Elijah isn’t the first person that has had pullback from social media or outside individuals who are making their own notions about who he is. Many people would say that he is a “rebel” but Elijah thinks otherwise.

“A lot of times, people will give people who don’t mind pushing the envelope the title ‘rebel’. I don’t mind being the “villain” or the rebel per say because sometimes it’s that villain or rebel that pushes their friend to greatness. I don’t mind offending to the point where it’s still in love. Although it may still come off as offensive, I just don’t want “yes” people around me. I want people who may tell me what I don’t want to hear but they will tell me what I need to hear. I need people who will say, ‘You don’t need to wear that, you need to go put that on or go re-sing that, trust me’. I need people who will motivate me to become a better version of myself. Of course, I’ll still get those weekly texts from my dad but I’m going to always be mama’s baby. She’s always had that thing in her brain where it’s like she knows I’m bad but I can kind of do no wrong.”

Just moving back to Detroit, Bree also feels as though it is time to get back into the spotlight and for others to understand that she never left.

“I want to clarify that I never left the industry. I’ve been here grinding with J, we went to high school together and we would literally get out of school, go to the lab and write. So I have been hustling, grinding and trying since then. As far as coming back home to the D, I am getting older, I’m still young but I am getting older so through all of the efforts I’m still trying not to get discouraged and honestly not giving up. I have had so many different expectations for myself, a lot of people don’t know the story behind Fred Hammond’s daughter. Coming back to Detroit was important to me because if I have been trying to make it everywhere else maybe it will happen one last time at home. I left home to try and make it so let me get back home to see if things will finally happen that I have been praying and hoping for. So, I’ve been in the game. I’m just hoping that I’m making some moves that will give me a bit more headway this time.”

Nikkia and Shana both just want the audience to understand that what you will see on March 16th will be relatable, fun, loving and childhood friends that always have each other’s backs.

“I just think people need to see that we have real life issues. That’s what I am going to portray, that it’s real life situations. I don’t want to give too much but in spite of all that you have to have direction knowing that God is going to get you through in the narrow path or the scenic routes. Knowing that you can overcome and overstep any barrier through faith.” Nikkia Cole-Beach

Shana - Grown and Gospel cast interview
“I think people will see that I am relatable. That you can wear many hats and still get the job done. You can be a supportive friend, that everything that comes your way doesn’t have to affect how you move and how you deal with people. This show is really just an incredible show, to show how different personalities can come together. How we may not agree but we all are going to support each other. It’s kind of like we built our own family if you will, we’re blood. I might have an issue with somebody or whatever the case may be but you better not say nothing about them. I think that is what this show is going to show, just real issues and how we are able to navigate through our problems and still have each other’s back.”
Shana Wilson-Williams


Grown and Gospel isn’t just a reality tv show but as we can certainly see, it is about real people going through the motions of life and realizing that they can accomplish anything through FAMILY and FAITH.

Grown and Gospel Cast interview

J Brooks - Grown and Gospel cast interview
“The show is thoughtful. It is a show that is going to give you a broad perspective because you have people doing different things. You have married people, single people, people with kids, people with no kids. People in different stages of their career, it’s all of the above layout. I believe that you’re going to get everything that pertains to life.”
J. Brooks


Be sure to watch the premiere of Grown & Gospel on Thursday March 16th, 9pm on WEtv.


Photo Credit: WE/ALLBLK

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