‘Creed-Verse’ Coming to Amazon — Thanks to Michael B. Jordan

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Amazon and Michael B. Jordan are presently in talks about launching the Creed-Verse — which’ll expand upon the Creed franchise into a universe that encompasses both TV and film.

Creed III broke box office records (with a global opening of over $100M) and now it appears Jordan and Amazon are going to take things to the next level. Details surrounding the Creed-Verse are still being mapped out; however, an anime series and a fellow live-action TV series are reportedly in the works.

In addition, there is chatter of a project centered on Amara, Adonis Creed’s deaf daughter.

MGM is developing a Drago spinoff film, which would center around Russian boxer Viktor Drago (Adonis’ foe in Creed II) and his father Ivan Drago (who killed Adonis’ father in Rocky IV). A script has been accredited thus far, though it is uncertain whether it will make production–or whether it would be a freestanding movie or a series.

michael b jordan
Michael B. Jordan and Amazon are in talks about launching the ‘Creed-verse’

‘Creed-Verse’ Coming to Amazon — Thanks to Michael B. Jordan

There are also notions for other animated and live-action films, as well as the likelihood of additional Creed feature installments. Michael B. Jordan has expressed his exhilaration about constructing the Creed-Verse, and so far with three pictures the Creed franchise is closing in on the $500,000,000 mark at the worldwide box office.

There have been discussions about digging deeper into the Rocky franchise story, including Balboa’s pre-boxing history. Sylvester Stallone, who created Rocky and also starred in it, is likely to participate in the project if and when it comes together.

The Creed-Verse would amplify the Creed saga beyond measure. For now, the particulars of the Creed-Verse are under wraps.

Meanwhile, enthusiasts can see Creed III at a nearby movie theatre, with Creed and Creed II presently streaming HBO Max.

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