You’ve Been Warned! 7 Tell-Tale Signs You Should Avoid Signing Up at An Online Casino

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Dodgy T&Cs, zero to minimal online reviews, no visibility of customer service channels… These are but a few red flags which should be screaming ‘Run!’. We’ll be going into details about these and many other signs you should take heed of, before it’s too late. Oh, and if you’re unsure of where to look for tried, tested and (most importantly) licensed operators, NoDepositDaily is a solid reference we’d recommend. This site not only provides you with hundreds of providers offering thousands of games, there are even exclusively negotiated deals updated on a daily basis. So if you think you’re gonna be missing out on a deal you had your eye on yesterday, there will probably be an even better one available today!

Let us walk you through the following seven warning signs… If a casino displays one or more of them, you should look up further information about the casino to confirm that you aren’t dealing with a rogue one.

#1. Poor Customer Support

In this day and age, there’s no excuse for poor customer support. Handling customers’ queries and complaints is a staple in any industry and no less in the online gambling sector. You’ll recognize high-quality customer support from its efficiency and the adequacy of its solutions to customers’ problems. If you’ve contacted customer support and you haven’t been replied to, that’s a red flag. You should also think twice about the trustworthiness of a casino if the replies you’re given are inconsistent. 

Even if you don’t need to contact customer support, it is advisable that you do so, just to test the waters and get a feel of the kind of casino you’re dealing with.


#2. No SSL Certificate

Having a Secure Sockets Layer certificate ensures that any data that’s transferred from a browser to a server is protected. In other words, your exchange of data with the casino would be safe from hackers and identity thieves when a website is encrypted with an SSL certificate. When a website is SSL certified, you can make sure that any emails, passwords, usernames, bank details and other sensitive information is in safe hands. 

It’s important to refrain from sharing any data if the website is not encrypted. You can check whether a site is protected with an SSL certificate by checking the left-hand side of your browser and looking for a locked padlock. If the padlock is unlocked, it would mean that your sensitive data can be leaked to third parties anytime.

#3. No Evidence Of A Gambling License

If you’re struggling to find evidence of a gambling license or any information that proves that the casino is regulated, then you need to scope out the casino even further before dealing with it. Any operator that is providing a legit service will have a gambling license, which essentially guarantees that it is regulated and undergoing regular audits to ensure fair play.


#4. Bad Reviews

Another important source of information to decide whether a casino is worth dealing with or not is user reviews. From them, you can gauge how fellow gamblers have rated their experience with that casino and whether there’s anything you should look out for. 

It’s important to read such reviews with a critical eye so that you only concern yourself with recurring complaints that might be indicative of something serious, rather than a one-off complaint from a gambler who is simply frustrated at not having won for a couple of consecutive times. It’s important to distinguish between bad luck and bad service.


#5. Overblown Promotions

When you sense that the promised rewards are too good to be true, then you might want to look up further about the casino. While attractive promotions might very well be legit, you should beware of overblown offers such as a 500% match bonus, hundreds of free spins, or ridiculous sums of money to be won from bonuses.


#6. Slow Or Complicated Payout Withdrawal Procedure

If you’ve read about or experienced delayed payouts from a particular casino, that might ring a warning bell. When a casino is reliable, you shouldn’t experience problems with cashing out your winnings. 

If you’ve met the wagering requirements and are eligible for a bonus, then you should see your winnings in your e-wallet or bank account soon after you request a withdrawal. A rogue casino, on the other hand, tends to pay out slowly, if at all. So make sure not to deal with the casino again if things look fishy.

 #7. Unfair Or Unrealistic Terms And Conditions

On perusing a casino’s terms and conditions you should be able to tell if they are reasonable or else plain unrealistic. While the house will always have an edge, it’s not legit to have players abide by unreasonable terms and conditions, where, for instance, wagering requirements are impossible to fulfill within a particular timeframe. 


All these seven tell-tale signs all point towards the importance of doing your homework well before signing up with a particular casino. Rotten apples exist in every industry and the gambling sector is no exception. Make sure you know exactly what you’re signing up for and that you’ve done your fair share of research before dealing with any casino.

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