8 Dos And Don’ts Of Suede Bag Care

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Although leather is a classic, it’s one of the ‘scariest’ materials to take care of. Maintaining leather’s soft texture and beautiful shine must be done carefully to preserve its vintage charm. Otherwise, your leather piece might become cracked and dull, even after using it sparingly. 

Many consider designer bags a staple for fashion icons’ wardrobes especially leather bags. Their aesthetic can easily complement any outfit, from streetwear to haute couture. But what makes leather so versatile is how many types fall under it; one is suede.  

Known as a thin and porous variety of leather, suede has made its name as one of the most delicate leathers there is. Thus, many avoid owning suede bags because of their high maintenance. But for those drawn by their unique napped texture, here are some tips that might help you keep their best qualities.

1. Cleaning A Suede Bag

Keeping your suede bag dirt-free must be high on your list of bag care. Given how delicate this leather is, even the slightest dust could damage it, especially if it accumulates over time. But shaking off the dirt might do you more harm than good. And fluffing it up or hitting it like how you freshen up a mattress will only spell out trouble for its lifetime.

Elegant Bag from Von Baer
Elegant Bag from Von Baer

Von Baer recommends cleaning all the dirt off your suede bag first using a clean and dry cloth, and to use light strokes as you don’t want to destroy the suede. Although some dirt might be stubborn, avoid wetting your cloth with water. Even though water is clear, it leaves water spots that discolor the leather. While that doesn’t ruin the bag’s integrity, water spots are obvious and difficult to remove. 

Aside from moisture, be mindful of your brush strokes. Since the material is sensitive to contact, uneven brush strokes might cause the suede’s color to dull in some areas. Instead, remember to only stick in the same direction when cleaning it.

2. Use An Eraser

Keeping a dry cloth is a suede bag owner’s go-to cleaning tool. But relying on it completely would be counterproductive once you encounter tough stains. Since you can’t rub too hard on the surface, consider using a soft pencil eraser instead. Ensure its tip is clean before erasing the stains. This way, travel bags from donajobrand.com and other stylish yet durable brands will look good as new. 

But before using an eraser on any stain you see, remember that this only works on stains caused by scuff marks or dirt. Make-up, ink stains, and other severe stains won’t come off easily since they’re liquid-based.  

3. Moisturize With Conditioner 

Even though you’ve taken care of dirt and scratches, suede bags often go dull after cleaning. Restore suede’s natural and rich color by moisturizing it. Since various conditioners are in the market, be careful when applying them to the bag. Spot test on a discreet area to check if the conditioner complements the material. 

Like cleaning, rub the conditioner in the same direction as the bag’s grain. Avoid applying a thick layer. This way, you have an easier time evening out the solution instead of leaving behind a silhouette from a glob of conditioner. Maintain a gentle pace to preserve its quality better.

4. Consider Household Materials

Although you’ve kept your bag clean and moisturized, it’s still not immune to age and wear. Consider using some household items to spruce up your suede bag. Vinegar and rubbing alcohol are excellent for brightening the material. 

Remember to use a clean cloth for application. Only pour a small amount to make it damp enough to clean the suede. If the markings persist, do several applications. But wait for it to dry between each one so there won’t be any imprints left behind.

Now you know some of the best ways to handle a suede bag, find out which practices you must avoid doing. Otherwise, you might be damaging it unknowingly. Here are a few examples:

5. Don’t Be Forceful

Your bags have seen their fair share of dirt in their lifespans. Some might be easier to remove, while others are much more stubborn. Regardless, you must avoid forcing them off. Instead, consider other alternatives to remove them. 

Imagine your bag was unfortunate enough to have a piece of gum stuck on it. Rather than laundering it and throwing it in the drier, pop it in the freezer instead. You can chip off the frozen gum instead of scraping it off the bag.

6. Don’t Underestimate Protective Solutions

Although keeping a cleaning schedule plays a significant role in bag maintenance, it’s not enough to prolong its quality. Consider using protective solutions that are suede-friendly. Water and stains are some of your bag’s worst enemies. But applying these solutions could prevent them and make cleaning easier.

7. Don’t Interact With Artificial Materials

Suede is one of the most sensitive materials manufacturers use. Interacting with heat and chemicals can easily ruin its quality. Those who use lotions or perfume are putting their suede bag at risk. Let your skin and clothes dry after applying your personal care products. That way, they’re less likely to bleed into the bag once you put it on.

8. Don’t Store In Boxes

Some fashion brands use visually appealing boxes as packing materials for their products. Additionally, many believe that keeping their bags in a box protects them from scratches and dirt. Little did they know, storing them in boxes would do them more harm than good, especially in the long run. 

Natural materials need air to breathe, including leather. Keeping leather bags in boxes may protect them from outside dangers. But depriving them of oxygen will cause them to crack or get sticky. Instead, store them in dustbags to protect them from dust while allowing them to breathe.


Proper maintenance is crucial for extending your suede bag’s life due to its delicate nature. Occasional expert check-ups and simple habits, such as avoiding chemicals, can effectively prolong its lifespan.

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