[INTERVIEW] Hip-Hop Duo, The Hoodies Talk Bringing Bars Back, Nipsey Hussle Co-sign, TV Cameos & More

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Hip-Hop is a culture and a movement — but what its essence? Rap.  The Hoodies, a rap duo consisting of two brothers (E-Class and Young Poppa), are young artists that place their emphasis on delivering crafty wordplay brimmed with substance. Some might call them rare — others may deem them refreshing — while true hip hop heads would say they’re necessitated.  Our The Hoodies interview breaks down exactly why.

It’s the creative rhyme patterns, captivating story telling and emotion-driven lyrics that laid the foundation for the trailblazing genre of Hip-Hop.

Over the years, the general public has shied away from the craftsmanship and significance of verses and focused their attention more so on the instrumental’s vibe and the catchiness of the hook. Moreover, poeticism and lyricism have slowly become a lost art.

If you dig long enough in the haystack, however, eventually you’ll stumble across the needle. The Hoodies are that needle!

The dynamic duo released their EP, What Pressure Makes in March, the follow-up to 2020’s Where Should We Land? The most recent EP is anchored by the single, “Hoodie Season 2,” which is a display of rap skills seen seldomly in the current landscape.  The upstate New York natives have continued a trend of highlighting real New York rap from areas outside of the 5 boroughs.

The Hoodies took time out of their frenzied schedule to sit down with us and discuss their new music, the state of Hip-Hop, co-signs from rap legends, TV appearances, and more. Check out our The Hoodies interview!

The Hoodies Parle Mag feature

Super Exclusive The Hoodies Interview

Parlé Magazine: We’d like to know why you started rapping…what made you pick up the mic?

Young Poppa: From day one, I loved it. Rap is merely an expression of your life, and rappers expressed themselves via music, which is what drew me in. Also, music was heavy in my household… especially Sunday mornings!

E-Class: Facts! Aside from Gospel music on Sunday mornings, we heard tunes from Duran Duran, Grandmaster Flash, Hall & Oats, Kurtis Blow, disco, old school R&B, country music—all types of genres! The music was motivational and inspirational.

Parlé Mag: You guys recently released your EP, but you also have a forthcoming album titled Hidden Gem, produced entirely by Kid Capri! How did you meet the legendary DJ and what’s your relationship with him like?

E-Class: We met Capri at Quad Studios a few years back. From the rip, we had crazy chemistry and we ended up recording a single. From there, we decided we gotta put together a whole project. Following, Capri came to the crib and we ran through the first 4-5 beats. The rest is history.

Young Poppa: Word. Capri is family. And, the energy we share is unmatched! Look out soon for Hidden Gems.

Hip-hop Duo The Hoodies

Parlé Mag: Aside from Kid Capri, you guys have been co-signed by rap icons such as 50 Cent, Fat Joe, Jadakiss, Styles P, Black Thought, and more. What co-sign from a major artist have you received that blew your mind?

E-Class: Nipsey Hussle co-signed us … which is super cray! Nip’s my favorite rapper, so when he showed us love I was blown away.

Young Poppa: Yeah, we met Nip in Harlem when he was promoting his album Victory Lap. We pulled up with Tsu Surf, and it was nothing but love between us. RIP Nipsey.

Parlé Mag: Speaking of major artists, who would you love to work with if given the chance?

Young Poppa: Wow, it’s so many! To name a few, though — Kanye, Ghostface Killah, Juelz Santana and Cam’ron, Westside Gunn, Jay Z, 9th Wonder, Nas, A Boogie, GloRilla.  I could go on forever.

E-Class: As could I! I’d go with Method Man and Redman, Lady London, Lola Brooke, oh and gotsta do a joint with Charlie Wilson.


Parlé Mag: As far as the genre of Hip-Hop goes, what are your thoughts on skillful rhyme patterns taking a backseat to instrumentals/beats?

E-Class: Personally, I only listen to rappers that got bars. Though seldom, there are new age rappers in the game that spit. I feel the industry needs to shine light more on newer rappers that are lyrical. Drill Rap tends to get the most shine, and instead they need to give that to the bar spitters.

Young Poppa: True, I dig Drill Rap myself… it’s unapologetic. Adding onto that, there are various Drill rappers that got bars too.

Parlé Mag: Young Poppa you’ve appeared on “Wu-Tang: An American Saga!” How did that happen and what other shows have you appeared on?

Young Poppa: I got an audition, came in and I did my thing basically; I shared a scene with Jamie Hector (Marlo Stanfield from “The Wire“). My scene on the show was with Ashton Sanders (RZA on the show), and I did a scene with T.J. Atoms (ODB on the show). Also, I played Biggie on “The Last O.G.“. I love acting a lot, and I’m down to do some movies too.


Parlé Mag: What advice would you guys give to those looking to break into the music industry?

E-Class: Trust the process! Sacrifice. You’re gonna lose, but want to win more. It takes a lot of self-investment. Give 100% effort, and take it all the way serious. Look at Jordan and Jay Z … Mike was cut from his high school basketball team, and no record label wanted to sign Jigga. Believe in you, period.

Young Poppa: Yeah, and don’t get discouraged. It takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears. Shake the losses off. Have that hustler’s mentality, and if one way doesn’t work figure out another way that does.


The Hoodies just released their brand new visual, “Put It On My Soul,” which features Fly High Drew.  The song is featured on the most recent EP, What Pressure Makes.  Watch the visual below and be sure to check out the EP on streaming platforms.

Images Courtesy of The Hoodies

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