5 Signs You Use AI Essay Writers the Wrong Way

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As a student, you’ve definitely heard about AI essay-writing software. Moreover, you’ve probably even tried it. And, like most people, you didn’t find the results to be outstanding, especially if you’re aiming at the highest grade. Still, there is no need to fully give up on AI-generated content just yet.

It might be that you’re simply using it wrong. There can be a benefit to AI essay writers. It’s just a matter of utilizing this tool correctly. So you can both save time and not compromise your grades. It will take some work, though. And if you’re willing to make an effort, pay attention to these five signs that keep you from benefiting from AI-generated essays and AI essay writers.

Skipping Research

This one might seem counterintuitive. Why would you turn to software if you need to do all the research anyway? Yet, to get what you want from AI essay writer, you have to put in a well-formulated request. Thus, you’ll be avoiding a vague general essay failing assignment instructions.

Of course, AI can generate your paper in seconds. But it cannot follow your teacher’s instructions without a proper request. And to make one, you need previous knowledge of the topic and assignment. So, make sure to do your research:

  • Use credible sources. Browse only trusty databases like Google Scholar or EBSCO. Do not waste time on unchecked information.
  • Make notes. They don’t have to be extensive. Just effective enough for you to get the main idea.
  • Devise keywords. Note words that repeat through different articles. Whether it’s a concept or a theory, it would be worth exploring and putting into your request for an AI essay writer.

It will take you some time. But it will also guarantee that you’re getting the proper text for further editing and perfecting.

Copy and Paste

When it comes to editing, there is no way of skipping it if you don’t want any trouble with getting caught. True, AI essay writers are capable of generating unique content. But plagiarism checkers are not the only thing to worry about. If you just copy and paste AI-generated text, your teacher will spot a machine-written text immediately.

It’s even more likely when they already know your writing style. As unique and grammatically correct AI-written essays are, they will always lack human creativity. Do not land yourself in uncomfortable situations, especially when they can be avoided with some editing and a closer look at the stylistic choices.

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Surface-Level Proofreading

As stated above, editing and proofreading are key to using AI-generated content successfully. Running it through spelling-checking software is not enough, even for an essay written from scratch. So, you’ll have to go the extra mile for an AI-written one.

Of course, you can use spelling checkers to clean up smaller mistakes and typos. But the main job has to be done by you. Look into the coherency and overall flow of the text. Remove any logical inconsistencies or fallacies. See the appropriate vocabulary. The text needs to sound natural, and AI is not capable of delivering it. But you can.

No Stylistic Editing

The first thing that will betray you is the machine-like tone of the paper. As you can guess, AI does not have much of a personal style. It is a combination of everything that is out there on the web. And even though AI can produce original content, it won’t mimic your personal writing style.

And that would be your major editing task when working with AI-written texts. Adjust the text to your stylistic preferences. Granted, academic writing is limiting in creative decisions. But there is still a way to express yourself and devise original arguments. Make sure to inject that in AI-generated text.

Leaving Thesis Statement As Is

Lastly, pay extra attention to your thesis statement. This is the most important sentence in the whole essay for a reason. It will require more than grammatical and stylistic editing. You have to make sure that it represents the content of the paper. It has to be precise, coherent, and well-versed. And unfortunately, AI cannot guarantee that.

Thus, spend some time perfecting your thesis statement. Professionals at best essay writing services never go with a draft version of a thesis sentence. Try out a few versions. See how they fit the overall context and how well they reflect the content of a paper. Remember, the thesis statement is supposed to be the shortest version of the whole essay.

Wrapping Up

And here you have it. Do not give up on AI-written essays completely. Learn how to work with them instead. First of all, make sure that you have done your research. Thus, you can come up with a good prompt and get a better template for an essay. Never copy and paste the AI-written text: it needs extra work. That would include extensive proofreading and stylistic editing. And finally, make sure to polish your thesis statement.

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