Destress After Work With These Simple Yet Effective Ways

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Stress can gravely damage your mind and body. But research says 83% of Americans can’t avoid workplace stress.  That makes it that much more important to destress after work. 

After all, one thing or the other always happens at jobs, and very little can be done to reduce this stress. 

In most cases, work keeps piling up, and challenges never cease. And most people go back home feeling tired and overwhelmed. 

If you’re the same, you should prioritize self-care and self-love and strive to destress after work. So, follow these few tips and resume with a happy and clear mind. 

  1. Go for a walk 

A 10-minute walk can do wonders to reset your mind and remove stress. It helps you ground yourself in the present moment and allows your body to relax. 

While walking, you can listen to music, fill yourself with the sights outside, or practice affirmations.

You can also opt for other physical activities like running, dancing, riding a bike, going to the gym, or playing fetch with your dog. 

They all greatly affect your mind and body, allowing you to take your mind off the day’s stresses and boost happy hormones. 

  1. Detach from devices 

This is a must-do if you spend your entire day working on the computer or are constantly on the phone. Take an hour off from your phone, tablet, Television, laptop, or any other electronic device. Don’t give in to the temptation of mindlessly scrolling social media. 

Give a much-deserved break to your brain from constant taking in information. Your eyes also need a break from all the blue light. Meditate, do breathing exercises, or take a nap. 

  1. Journal it out 

Writing down an account of your day helps you keep an account of your life. Moreover, it helps you to pour out all the stressful thoughts of the day onto paper and feel lighter. 

However, you might go completely blank if you’re not used to writing. So, you can start by writing about what is stressing you, your emotions, your worries, and your doubts and fears. And who knows, you might stumble into clarity and wise insights at the end.  

You can rant and express your unexpressed thoughts and emotions in the paper as you would to a trusted friend. The only exception is a paper can often be more trustworthy than a fellow human being. 

  1. Immerse yourself in a book 

Books are a great tool to de-stress your mind. When you focus on the book, you take your mind off the stressful issues. 

Not only that, good fiction will take you to a make-believe world of stories. This can often open your mind to different perspectives and ease the mind. 

  1. Engage in some me-time 

Put on some light music, light candles, and relax with a cup of good quality ground coffee, and you can bring unexpected solace to the mind. 

The coffee will uplift your mood and help you with negative thoughts or anxiety. Once you feel calmer in this ambiance, you can reflect on your day in peace and allow the stressful thoughts to melt away as you relax into the moment. 

  1. Take a warm shower or bath 

Wash away stress from your body. Opt for a warm shower or bath once you return home from work. The warm water will calm your mind and soothe your muscles. 

If you are running a bath, add essential oil and Epsom salts. Consider soaking yourself for a while in it. You can also sip your favorite glass of wine while you let the work stress melt away. 

  1. Cook or Bake 

Many people share that cooking or baking desserts at the end of the day relieves stress. Immerse yourself in the sensual experience of the cooking process’s taste, smell, sound, and colors. 

You can play your favorite music and shake or sing along. This will bring you joy, and you can end the day happily. 


Unfortunately, life will always throw stress at us. So, you must learn not to let that stress affect your well-being. 

Remember, little self-care goes a long way, and doing something nice to destress your mind at the end of the day will eventually add to how good you feel about your life. 

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