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Steve Harvey’s Top 5 Most Hilarious Family Feud Moments

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Steve Harvey and his reactions to guesses on Family Feud have become hilarious moments on the world wide web.

On July 10, 2010, the renowned comedian taped the inaugural episode of the famed guessing game. With the addition of Celebrity Family Feud, the laughter has only increased during his tenure as presenter.

Families participate in both incarnations by speculating on the results of national surveys in order to win financial prizes (in Celebrity’s instance, earnings are donated to charities). The structure of the game requires much improvisation, and to Harvey’s joy (and occasionally dismay), adults often say the most absurd things in their responses. Harvey’s reactions to the most absurd incidents on the show often make viewers chuckle, whether the replies are outrageously incorrect or unbelievably right.

Season 9 of Celebrity Family Feud debuts on ABC on Sunday, July 9 at 9/8 c.

Ahead of the star-studded spinoff’s comeback, here are our Steve Harvey’s top 5 most hilarious Family Feud moments.

Harvey Family Feud
Check out the top 5 most hysterical Steve Harvey moments on Family Feud

5. ‘White House’

The king of comedy asked, “Some politicians belong in the White House, others belong in the blank house.” The contestant replied, “The White House,” and then Harvey acted out a mirthful call-and-response scene while taking the audience members to church.

4. ‘Nude Grandma!’

The most eventful of the host’s “what the hell is wrong with you?” responses.

3. ‘Riding Ms. Lincoln’

Nothing brings forth a goofier Harvey response than NSFW responses. When queried what Abraham Lincoln used to ride, nobody—not even the host—expected to hear “Miss Lincoln.” When Mary Todd Lincoln actually appeared on the board, Harvey was too shocked to speak.

2. ‘Cupine’

When asked “name something that follows the word pork,” you’d expect guesses from contestants to be peculiar. However, the answer of “-cupine” made Harvey almost cry with laughter.

1. ‘Sit on It’

Harvey didn’t hold back when a contestant mentioned his own favorite activity to the inquiry, “Name something you like your girlfriend to do to your face.” Greg’s response was to “Sit on it.” In answer, Harvey yelled “YES!” and excitedly ran around the stage. Since then, the incident has gone viral on TikTok, generating countless Halloween-themed outfits and videos. Even after a year, we still find it hard to believe that this actually occurred on network television.


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