Review: Paypa “New God Flow (Freestyle)”

New God Flow Freestyle

If one wishes to play in the debauched penthouse of Luxury Rap, the rococo realm occupied almost exclusively by Jay-Z and G.O.O.D. Music, there has never been an easier time to find the elevator keys. With Kanye West cranking out new music at a steady pace–perhaps a response to the pressures building in the East Side Drill scene; he does not want to be the one Chicago cat whose ribs are suddenly showing, not now, after all he has come through–the beats are coming fast and furious, increasing the odds of finding one that is able to be worked over. Many have tried and failed on “No Church in the Wild,” committing the cardinal sin of trying to breathe in the Throne’s atmosphere; Rick Ross succeeded, mainly because his own music is so closely related to the kind on Watch The Throne. Both rhyme about the trappings of money and power, with the predominant difference coming from how they are obtained.

“New God Flow” is far more accessible, if for no other reason than that the air around it is not so thick, and Paypa takes advantage for his own freestyle. Not content to lay a few simple bars, Paypa forges ahead and lays down a track worthy of a feature release, laced with punchlines (“Like a d boy in a Kangol hat/I pulled up in the bucket and them hoes just laughed” is a highlight) and above average wordplay. The Chicago-by-way-of SoCal emcee has a smooth, marbled flow, direct and at home in Luxury Rap’s lushly sinister environs, a fact that allows him to sound the part, a critical ingredient for getting past the doorman.

Paypa’s upcoming S.R.C./Universal release is billed Feel Good Music; one listen here provides more than enough evidence that he certainly feels good.

“New God Flow (Freestyle)” receives a PARL

PARL…Kinda Great
PARLÉ… Classic

Download: Paypa – “New God Flow (Freestyle)” 


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