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Review: Trae Tha Truth – “I Don’t Like Freestyle”

Chicago Drill Music differs predominantly from its Southern Trap predecessor by virtue of the darker, more menacing tone it takes. Whereas Trap is all energy and flair on the track, with emcees often times as bombastic as their beats, the Chicago sound trades instead in quiet horror, with rappers who glide and slither either over or around the massive constructions, bobbing along on top rather than dominating the track. The end result is the genre’s discomforting dichotomy, as smooth flow plays against haunted house beats; the quietest man in the room is often the most dangerous. Which the I Don’t Like freestyle has a combination of both which fit perfectly with Trae Tha Truth’s mentality.

This seething mentality fits perfectly in line with Houston emcee Trae Tha Truth, whose distinctive, smoky, drawling rasp is one of the most fear inducing voices in Hip-Hop. He fits the brooding sentiments of the song, covering it like a creeping shadow.

Although Trae shouts out Keef and other Chicago personalities, he did commit somewhat of a faux pas by rhyming over the bastardized version of “I Don’t Like” created for the G.O.O.D remix. With the extra throaty growl on the hook and the stripped down bridge, there is a solid rationale behind this stylistic choice from a prospective freestyler’s perspective. Still, it would have been nice to see Young Chop’s already outstanding original being used.

Download: “I Don’t Like Freestyle” here.

“I Don’t Like Freestyle” receives a PAR


PARL…Kinda Great
PARLÉ… Classic



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