Best Bridesmaid Dress Ideas for Any Year

Best Bridesmaid Dress Ideas
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Choosing bridesmaid dresses is one of the highlights of wedding planning. It’s an opportunity to set the tone for the decor and bring your different ideas together.  The best bridesmaid dress ideas can help bring your whole bridal party closer.

It can also be challenging; if you have bridesmaids with diverse body styles, finding something that fits your vision and keeps your girls comfortable is tough.

Here are a few of the best bridesmaid dress ideas for any year to spark your inspiration.

One Color, Different Dresses

Choosing one theme color and letting your bridesmaids choose a dress that suits them will have you all feeling stress-free. Not only does this option allow bridesmaids to choose something that they’re comfortable in, but it also gives them the option to look for something that fits their budget. Bridesmaid dress retailers like Azazie offer consistent color palettes across their diverse array of dress styles.

While some brides have trouble letting go of the idea that all of their bridesmaids should be dressed identically, there are other benefits to this approach. Not only will it reduce stress and tension as the big day gets closer, but it will also make for more relaxed, happy wedding photos.  You might even be able to get wholesale dresses. It’s a win for everyone.

Jumpers, Rompers, and Pantsuits

This year, more brides will be ditching the conventional idea of femininity and opting for function with fashion. Putting bridesmaids in jumpsuits is comfortable, affordable, and stands out in the wedding industry. Rompers are an excellent alternative for summer weddings and can be dressed up with layers of chiffon and lace to create an illusion gown.

Gorgeous silk pantsuits look incredible, especially when made to contrast and correspond with the Groomsmen. This edgy look will turn your aisle runner into the catwalk where all of your bridesmaids can comfortably strut their stuff.

Bridesmaid Dress Ideas


Another twist on the traditional bridesmaid’s dress is to wear separates, such as a skirt and top. This can be customized for your individual bridesmaids as well. Order matching skirts, set a color, and let your bridesmaids choose a top they love.

This look is fantastic for a summer wedding or if you like to keep things casual. If you have concerns over certain styles, such as crop tops, let it be known in advance. Otherwise, let your bridesmaids’ unique personalities shine through.

Maids in White

Having the bridesmaids in a different color while the bride wears white adds a beautiful contrast. However, having all the ladies in white is a showstopper.

Dressing your bridesmaids in white is an innovative way to throw tradition by the wayside and make the day your own. This high-class look is the epitome of elegance and creates a dreamy, ethereal glow in your photos. It also looks incredible when the bride chooses a colored dress instead of the traditional white gown.

You can also choose light shades of off-white: champagne, blush or misty blue, for example. This adds a subtle difference that is barely perceptible but still adds that pop of contrast if the bride wears white.

Bring These Looks Together

The best part about these three inspiring looks is that you can bring them all together. Choose a color theme and let your bridesmaids choose whether they wear a dress, jumpsuit, or separates.

While bridal trends are fun to follow, the main trend of this year will be carving your own path and creating an event that’s truly you.

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