Natural Hairstyles If You’re Looking To Switch your Style Up

Natural Hairstyles For Black Women
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If you are looking for the perfect style with the needs of natural hair, then our list of natural hairstyles for black women offer you great choices. Just have a look at this variety of chic and very easy hairstyles and you can realize how fun, enjoyable and versatile your black curls are.

Besides, the most gorgeous hairstyles are the ones which make a woman look very natural. Naturally maintained curls give you that opportunity and the following simple black hairstyles are all about natural beauty. Moreover, they are creative and expressive enough to highlight the unique texture of your hair, they are effortless and protective enough to facilitate the process of styling and keep your curls healthy. Even the hairstyles for short African American hair are definitely going to amaze you with their ingenuity and freshness. Well, check out the natural hair ideas below and choose the one that fits your personality and lifestyle perfectly.


Cornrows or canerows are known as a traditional African hairstyle as well as one of the most popular protective natural hairstyle. With cornrows, you actually get a chance to experiment with your hair a lot and create different complex geometric shapes and designs.
Natural Hairstyles - Cornrows Natural Hairstyles - Cornrows with Edges Laid Natural hairstyles - Cornrows over head Natural Hairstyles - Cornrows 3





















Goddess Braids

Draw more attention to making large plaits (well-known as Goddess Braids) that can be easily pulled up into a cute pony during the day and transformed into huge buns or knots whenever you want to completely change the way you look.
Natural Hairstyles - Goddess Braids Natural Hairstyles - Goddess Braids from the back Natural Hairstyles - Goddess Braids 3 Natural Hairstyles - Goddess Braids 2



















Flat Twist Updo

Women with natural hair know that the flat twist updo is one of the simplest ways to create a gorgeous look in a short amount of time. It is a bit easier than to do cornrows because you only have to manipulate 2 strands of hair and at the same time this hairstyle offers you endless options for styling.

Natural Hairstyles - Flat Twist Updo 2 Natural Hairstyles - Flat Twist UpDo Natural Hairstyles - Flat up Do Twists 2 Natural Hairstyles - Flat Up Do Twists

What can be better for African American than the Afro! This impressive hairstyle is a great foundation for showing off the playfulness of natural hair. Wearing it, you even do not have to do anything to make people draw attention to you and your look. With Afro style, you`ll always be in the spotlight. Its uniqueness and lightness inspire ladies with different hair length. By the way, Afro looks great while also being easy to maintain.

Natural Hairstyles - Afros 2

Natural Hairstyles - Afros 3












Natural Hairstyles - Afros

Braids of Ghana

One more protective and very popular classic hairstyle among African American women is Ghanian braiding style. It is really easy to wear and not so difficult to maintain. But this simple hairstyle is stylish, detailed and so versatile. You can braid Ghana braids in a variety of ways and every time to get a wonderful look.

Natural Hairstyles - Braids of Ghana Natural Hairstyles - Braids of Ghana 4 Natural Hairstyles - Braids of Ghana 3 Natural Hairstyles - Braids of Ghana 2















What natural hairstyles do you prefer? Have you found your perfect hairstyle? Share your comments below.

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