Top Beauty Industry Trends to Know for 2020 & Beyond

Beauty Industry Trends

The beauty industry is currently valued at a whopping $532 billion. It’s always been a big earner, but it’s blown up over the last few years, and it’s expected to continue doing so moving forward.

One reason the industry is so profitable is that it’s always evolving, and people want to keep up with the newest trends. Does this resonate with you? If so, you’re probably eager to learn about what people are going to be doing from a skincare and beauty standpoint in this upcoming year.

Listed below are some fun and exciting beauty industry trends that you’re likely to see in 2020.


There’s definitely been a push over the last few years to make the beauty industry more inclusive.

From offering a wider range of makeup shades for women of color to the creation and promotion of gender-neutral products, many brands are working hard to get their products into more people’s hands.

In 2020, we’ll see this movement expand even further.

We’ll see more “regular people” in beauty ads promoting these products, too. Long gone are the days when all the models in beauty and skincare promos looked exactly the same.

Personalized Products

To accommodate more people and ensure that everyone has a positive experience with a particular product, many brands are also utilizing AI and other forms of technology to make personalized product recommendations.

Some brands are even experimenting with allowing customers to create a product shade that matches their skin ton exactly.

Consumers love the idea of having a product, be it makeup, skincare, or anything in between, that is made just for them. Because of this, bespoke beauty will be huge in 2020.

Natural and Organic Products

This is another trend that will continue to grow in 2020 (and, likely, beyond). People are more concerned today than ever before with the ingredients used in their skincare and beauty products.

This attention to detail can be attributed, in part, to the efforts of brands like Beautycounter. They’ve been working hard to advocate for stricter regulation of personal care ingredients and have encouraged more people than ever before to take notice of what’s in their favorite products.

In 2020, we’ll see more products made with all-natural and organic ingredients. We’ll continue to see brands eschewing problematic compounds like parabens and artificial fragrances as well.


In alignment with the push for more natural and organic products is the “farm-to-face” movement.

Many brands are starting to use ingredients that are also popular among food brands, like turmeric and coconut oil, in their products. Customers don’t just want to know what ingredients are in their favorite makeup and skincare tools, though. They also want to know where they come from and how they were sourced.

To provide more transparency and answer these questions, many brands are showing where they’re getting their ingredients and verifying that everything is sourced in humane and sustainable ways. 


Speaking of sustainability, the push for a greater emphasis on safety goes beyond the ingredients in the products themselves. Consumers also want more sustainable packaging efforts.

People want minimal packaging, and they want as much of it as possible to be recyclable. Because of this, we’re going to be seeing more cardboard and glass in 2020 and a lot less plastic. 

This emphasis on sustainable packaging may be more expensive for some brands. However, consumers have made it clear thus far that, in many cases, they’re willing to pay a premium to buy products that they feel are better for the planet.


Consumers may be willing to pay more money for certain products, but they also want easy access to them.

Enter the masstige trend, which will see significant growth in 2020. The idea behind masstige is that consumers can buy high-quality beauty products in more locations. They don’t have to go to a specialty store to find what they need.

Stores like Ulta have started to blur the lines and feed the masstige trend, but we’re also seeing higher-end brands start to pop up in major retailers like Target and Wal-Mart. That will surely continue into 2020 and beyond.

Alternative Retailers

In addition to finding more high-end options in big-box stores, we’re also going to see the continued growth of alternative retailers selling beauty and skincare products.

For example, Amazon has made access to a wide range of brands easier than ever before. People can now find exactly what they want and need, often at lower-than-average prices, and have it shipped to their door within two days.

Sensitive Skin Care

There’s also going to be a greater focus on those with sensitive skin in 2020. Many more products will be formulated with these individuals in mind, and whole lines will be devoted to them.

It’ll be easier than ever in 2020 for folks with skin problems to find makeup and skincare products that cater to their needs and don’t exacerbate their symptoms.

CBD Skincare

These days, pretty much everyone has tried and is touting the benefits of CBD (short for cannabidiol). This non-psychoactive cannabis compound has potent anti-inflammatory benefits, and folks are using it for everything from reduced pain to better sleep.

The beauty industry is also starting to capitalize on these benefits by adding CBD to its skincare products. CBD skincare will be all the rage in 2020, and it won’t be hard to find CBD in a wide range of products, from lotions and creams to serums and soaps.

Are You Excited for These Beauty Industry Trends?

As you can see, there are lots of exciting things coming to the beauty industry in 2020. Which of these beauty industry trends has you the most excited?

Whether you’re more interested in natural skincare or sustainable packaging, there’s going to be something for everyone in the coming year. 

To stay on top of the latest beauty news, be sure to keep up with the latest posts in the Fashion and Beauty section of our site. You’ll always find tons of great resources there.

What are your thoughts on these Beauty Industry Trends???


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