Politician Greg Hall – The Change Prince George’s County Needs?

Politician Greg Hall

Prince George’s County, Maryland no stranger to murders, robberies, drugs, and sexual assaults. The territory where money, power, and respect can be that ultimate factor of life, survival, or death. Where many socio-economic challenged households dwell, that fall under 200 percent of the federal poverty level. Some call it home sweet, not so sweet home.


A county that is crying out for ongoing efforts of leadership and support, a foreperson who cannot only preach about change, but be the change that the people need. Can Politician Greg Hall, House of Delegates District 24 be that change? Well, lets discuss it…

Politician Greg Hall was born in the county; he attended Morehouse College and Devry College. He is a small business entrepreneur and community activist. Hall takes special interest in issues, which include working with civic leaders to discuss drug paraphernalia, prostitution, and economic development. A person with such a strong background and honorable accolades, why would one dare to question if Hall is the change agent that PG County desperately needs?

Like many young brothers who fall prey to society pressures and that do or die culture, Hall lived a life as a drug dealer, known for selling crack. Twenty years ago Hall was involved in a shootout that resulted in fatally injuring a 13-year-old boy in Capitol Heights, Maryland. Hall was initially charged with murder and served time in jail, but later was cleared and released after ballistics test proved that it wasn’t Hall’s bullet that killed the boy. A jury concluded that he did not fire the first shot, Hall was charged and convicted of a misdemeanor gun charge.

Hall who is openly honest about his past, has hopes of giving today’s youth who are walking in his past footsteps an alternative to a lifestyle of drugs and crime, that rings all too familiar. Having lived that life of crime, where money and power is a fundamental necessity; the now redeemed Hall is earning the respect of his political colleagues who recently selected him to fill the vacancy seat of ousted Alston (D-Prince George’s) in a 12 to 10 vote.

However, not all politicians are cheering in Halls corner, Governor O ‘Malley is currently refusing to appoint Hall due to his dark past. O’ Malley has requested the Democratic Central Committee to revoke Hall’s nomination, which has now turned into a messy playing field. As another political drama unfolds, the ultimate question looms, Can all backgrounds be forgiven?

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