Introducing You To The Nation’s Capital, Washington, D.C. – A Travel Guide

Washington, D.C.

Washington D.C., The District Of Columbia or just simply as it is best known D.C. is the capital of our great nation. Although D.C. is not officially considered a state, it still has plenty of great benefits. This is the place where a great majority of our laws are passed, but D.C. not only has historical influence, it has cultural influence as well. I may currently live in D.C.’s bordering state of Maryland, but I was born and bred in the District and I can tell you all about it.


Go Go music is one of the many things D.C. is best known for. Go Go, which started as a subgenre of funk in the 1970s has now progressed into a heavy bass and drums oriented Hip-Hop scene where many local bands put their own spin on popular songs. Anwan Glover, who played Slim Charles in HBO’s The Wire, is one of the founding members of the Backyard Band, a very popular Go Go band. Rapper, Wale has incorporated a lot of Go Go type material into his music. The Go Go scene can be a bit rowdy at times but in order to truly appreciate the subculture you have to attend a Go Go party when in D.C. For those who are interested Go Go is kind of like Reggae, they are not always held in clubs; your best bet is to know someone from D.C. who is into the Go Go scene.


Washington D.C.
The Washington, D.C. flag

I would have to say the best way to travel in D.C. is the WMATA (Washington Metro Area Transit Authority) which is a combination of our bus and subway system but the locals here just call it the Metro. There are 86 metro (subway) stations that stretch throughout the District, Maryland and Virginia region. Of those, 41 are within D.C. city limits. The only downside to the metro in D.C. is that it does not run all night and we have to pay coming and going as opposed to New York and Chicago where you only pay to enter and there is no such thing as an exit fare. Other than that, it is the best way to tour the city without having to get lost or without getting stuck in traffic. All the major D.C. landmarks are near a subway station.


A taste of D.C.’s Nightlife
I personally do not visit many strip clubs but when I do, it has to be Louis’ Rouge. DC strip clubs do not do lap dances so everything’s mostly stage and table dancing. You must be 21 at Louis’ but there is no cover charge and it is a very laid-back environment. All the dancers are fun loving and in reasonably good shape. A 42 inch plasma TV is always broadcasting the latest sports event. There is pool for the hustlers and drinks for everyone all night. The best part is, Louis’ is four blocks away from two metro stations (this is mainly why I like it). If you are on a budget, then Louis’ is the best choice. It is good for a first timer; they can get a taste of the environment without too much exposure. If you are a strip club vet, then maybe you would prefer something a bit more but it’s the perfect destination for someone visiting the District.
Louis’ Rouge
476 K. Street NW
Washington, DC 20001


Ibiza is a club for your grown and sexy without being too restrictive. All they ask is that your clothing isn’t too baggy and no boots. There is a dress code, but it is relaxed compared to most clubs. The reason I recommend Ibiza is because I had the pleasure of attending a Halloween Party last October. All the pretty single ladies in their outfits was just too much for me at the time (joking) the only downside was I must’ve gotten patted down like 4 times before I actually got to the door, at least the security is in order. There are at least four or five different sections playing different genres of music catering to different crowds (i.e. techno, hip-hop/R&B, salsa and reggaeton). I would say it is maybe a block or two from a metro station and they are always having something going on at Ibiza.
Club Love has to be one of the most popular clubs in DC and although I have not had the pleasure of attending, I have heard many great things about it. This is truly for your grown and sexy with a strict dress code. Many of the celebrities who visit DC often stop through Club Love. As the old saying goes, this is where the elite meet to greet. If you’re into a more mature crowd then Club Love will definitely fit you.

1350 Okie St. NE
Washington DC, 20002


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Adrian "A.D." Dubard
Born in Washington DC, Adrian was placed in the care of his maternal grandparents after his mother died when he was a baby. For the most part of his life, Adrian’s biological father was absent from his life. Growing up with a house full of cousins, aunts and uncles, Adrian began his love of writing to document his surroundings. Attending a private school for 9 ½ years, it was there that many influential teachers help strengthen his love of writing via English and creative writing classes. Even though, Adrian loved to write he was reserved about what he wrote about. Leaving DC at the age of 7, Adrian and his family moved to Temple Hills, Maryland in Prince George’s not too far from where he had lived previously. Luckily, Adrian had taken part in many youth outreach programs as a youth that allowed him to travel and see the country, many kids he knew around his own age hadn’t even left the city. These experiences opened his eyes to other cultures and ways of living. As a teenager, Adrian had many friends who passed away before their time but he promised to keep writing to honor their memory. Other than writing, Adrian has helped various charities rise by going on public speaking tours. Some of these charities include The Safe Haven Project and The Journey of Hope. He has contributed to several book projects and currently resides in Queens, NY. Read more articles by Adrian.