Is It Better To Breast Feed?

Dear Twins,
I am pregnant again and I’ve decided not to breast feed as I found it very physically uncomfortable. But my husband is pressuring me to do it as he hears it’s better for the baby to breast feed. My mother didn’t breast feed me and I turned out just fine! Is it better to breast feed or can I just use a good formula?

Signed, to breast feed or not breast feed

Kerry says:
Dear BF

Yes, breast feeding can make a difference and is superior in several ways. For one, breast milk boosts immunity and therefore helps your baby against certain diseases and infections such as an ammonia, stomach problems, allergies, asthma and ear infections. It also decreases the mother’s chance of breast cancer and developing diabetes. Breastfeeding helps to build strong bones too.  It also helps shed unwanted pregnancy weight gain. Lastly, it increases bonding between the mother and infant. Therefore, as long as it’s not due to any medical reason, I suggest you breast feed for at least six months.

Jackie says:
Dear to feed or not to feed

I agree with Kerry, however breast feeding isn’t right for everyone and infant formula is an acceptable alternative.