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50 Cent Rips Starz Over Fumbling of Episode 7 of ‘BMF’

50 Cent Rips Starz BMF episode 7

In a series of tweets on Sunday afternoon, 50 Cent lashed out at the team at Starz for completely messing up the rollout for the most recent episode of the hit series, ‘BMF’.  The network was trending this morning because they announced via social media that the episode would not air this week, only to release it for streaming on the network for over 3 hours last night. Once someone at the network realized the error, they pulled BMF episode 7, but by then, many fans had already viewed the episode. Once he got wind, 50 Cent ripped Starz and asked, “who getting fired?”

In one of the tweets, 50 also revealed that he directed the new episode, and it’s one of his best efforts.  He further detailed that Eminem makes a guest appearance on the show.

Here’s a look at the series of tweets where 50 Cent rips Starz:


50 took a shot at Starz last night as well, when he seemingly first realized that the episode wasn’t going to be airing as scheduled.


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