Aisha McShaw Unveils New Spring/Summer 2018 Collection At NYFW

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Aisha McShaw Is On a Mission To Empower Women With Her Upcoming Spring/Summer 2018 Collection

Aisha McShaw was certainly one to turn heads this week as she premiered her newest Spring/Summer 2018 Collection at New York Fashion Week. The 39-year-old African-American designer and girlfriend of Al Sharpton is coming a long way from being a personal stylist, stepping into the fashion designer world.

As a woman, us ladies know how hard it can be, sometimes, to find a piece of clothing that makes us feel confident and beautiful in our skin. One of McShaw’s missions behind her collection is to deliver a solution to that problem, by providing pieces for the modern day woman that are personalized and empowering.

She put on a beautiful show, displaying outfits from everyday work wear to weekend evening outings and even red carpet looks. After her showcase, she told Essence, “I have some edgy pieces, like the black leather corset two-piece, but I also have the lace suit, which is timeless,” She continues, “So, I feel like I have something for all generations and something for every woman. This collection brings us together. Every woman wants to feel beautiful, confident and empowered. That’s my line. It’s all about beauty and simplicity, and that’s what I wanted to show tonight.”

McShaw also created this clothing collection with a goal to open doors and show the world that African-Americans aren’t only capable of being trendsetters; they can also be classy and timeless, which she radiates through her collection.

While there is no exact say of how much her pieces will cost yet, or where they will be available, she has confirmed her clothing line will be affordable. That is something us women can all appreciate when it comes to fashion.

Courtney Bryant
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