Andy Mineo Announces New Mixtape, ‘Work In Progress’

Andy Mineo Work In Progress cover art

Andy Mineo is to release some old music in a new way.  The rapper has announced that he will be releasing his new mixtape, Work In Progress, featuring 12 songs that are raw, unmastered and alternate versions of tracks recorded over the years.  The Andy Mineo Work In Progress mixtape drops on August 23rd.

Mineo also unveiled a podcast to accompany the project, which tells the backstory behind the songs and delves into the songs themes.

The Andy Mineo Work In Progress mixtape represents evolution for the New York rapper. By exploring bold themes like fear, group think and family hurt—Mineo masterfully weaves together tight bars and strong hooks over compelling beats. With production by Nottz, !llmind, Ace Harris, Beam, and GAWVI; Work In Progress is an introspective offering that invites listeners to shed the self-limiting systems and beliefs that hold us back.

Andy Mineo Work In Progress tracklisting

  1. Podcast-clip-1.wav
  2. Reflections rough w_horns & break.mp3
  3. Podcast-clip-2.wav
  4. Keepin it movin am & guv demo.mp3
  5. Podcast-clip-3.wav
  6. I DON’T NEED YOU (DEMO).wav
  7. Podcast-clip-4.wav
  8. 1988 REMAKE 2_Nottz_42North.wav
  9. Podcast-clip-5.wav
  10. Anything But Country (break beat_no trap version).mp3
  11. Podcast-clip-6.wav
  12. another me 3/7 NEW (Gawvi remake).mp3
  13. Podcast-clip-7.wav
  14. Til Death (no guitars) bounce.mp3
  15. Podcast-clip-8.wav
  16. So gone Easy DaveJ V1.4.mp3
  17. Podcast-clip-9.wav
  18. Honest 2 God Tyshane/DSTL 1.0.mp3
  19. Podcast-clip-10.wav
  20. I ain’t done (beam version).aif
  21. Podcast-clip-11.wav
  22. Family Photo second half idea 2 (joel draft).aif
    23 ANDY MINEO_OT OD (sketch).mp3_MAIN_WAV

New audio & video episodes of the Andy Mineo Work In Progress Podcast will be released every three weeks on Fridays at

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