A$AP Rocky Sued By A$AP Relli For Defamation

Asap Rocky Sued For Defamation
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A$AP Rocky and his lawyer, Joe Tacopina are getting sued by A$AP Relli, for going overboard in Rocky’s defense during his 2021 shooting incident.

According to Relli, in addition to being allegedly shot by A$AP Rocky, he was also defamed in the process. He said that Tacopina went on a press campaign after the incident and that was where the defamation occurred.

Relli was reportedly painted a liar, a money grabber, and an extortionist… that’s a lot. You might have noticed that this should all be on Tacopina, considering the fact that he held the press conference, but no. Relli is spraying the lawsuit like a bullet. He believes that A$AP Rocky is not unaware of his lawyers’ activities. Hence, the dual suing.

In the lawsuit filed, Tacopina had said “Rocky didn’t commit a crime. It was an extortion attempt by a former associate, who threatened to make false, criminal accusations if Rocky didn’t pay him.”

Relli has also allegedly received death threats and attacks because of Rocky and Tacopina’s ‘defamation’ and he in return is asking for yet-to-be-specified damages.

Joe Tacopina is not taking this lying down. “This is nothing more than a publicity stunt which is going to backfire badly,” he said. “I more than welcome this lawsuit especially because the resolution of the criminal case has not happened yet. This opens up this extortionist to depositions under oath now before the resolution of the criminal case. It will expose the fraud he committed and unfortunately for his lawyers, it will cause them to be responsible for legal fees in this case. They don’t know the facts of this case or the actions taken by their client. But, I will be more than happy to educate them.”

Mind you, the alleged shooting case where Rocky is the perpetrator and Relli is the victim is still ongoing and Rocky is pleading not guilty.

Uh Oh…who else can’t wait to see this play out ASAP?


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