Avant Rumors of ‘6 Months To Live’ Are Not True

Avant Special Performance
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The internet gets carried away some days. Recently we got one of those days… and unfortunately it continues to get brought up even months after the original story. R&B singers are often used as click-bait to get fans distracted and the most recent victim is Avant, the Cleveland native whose given us such hits as “Read Your Mind,” “Separated,” and “4 Minutes”.  Web sources are claiming that the singer has 6 months to live after dealing with Lupus and have even gone as far as producing “a statement” from his publicist to back the claims. The Avant rumors are not true!

There is nothing to corroborate or confirm anything in any of the stories that have been printed. Its pretty reckless reporting and just a disingenuous way to get these fake sites hits.

Here’s what we do know, actual FACTS:  Avant does have Lupus, a health battle that is very personal to the singer and that he seldom speaks publicly about.  He has also taken up a vegan lifestyle.

Avant has posted on social media recently but hasn’t responded to these specific claims, likely because this isn’t the first time the internet has assumed the worst about his career or his music.  And because the singer has always kept his personal life, private.  You’ve never even heard any relationship rumors about him in his long career. Even when fans comment on his page looking for clarification, Avant has provided no answers at all.  Needless to say, he doesn’t want to deal with these fake stories.

True fans should however know that the singer still has shows lined up and he even recently released a new single titled, “Not Gone Lose”. The single celebrates 20 years in the music industry for the singer!

Listen to “Not Gone Lose” below:

“Not Gone Lose” is the first single from Avant since the release of his 2015 album, The VIII.

For those fans genuinely concerned with his health, check out his social media because any official statements for any real news from the artist would be posted directly to his own page.

in the mean time, listen to his new single, and go back and stream some of his classics. Give him and some of these other R&B artists the roses they deserve while they can still smell them. And let’s not have them trending only when a new rumor starts spreading like wild fire.

UPDATE (July 10, 2020):

We recently talked to Avant about his new album, Can We Fall In Love.  During the interview he finally opened up about the rumors and clarified exactly what was going on with him last year before the Avant rumors went crazy…


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