BET Awards, Mario Arrested & Eddie Long in Week in Review

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Week of 9/26/10 – 10/2/10, Week in Review!

In this weeks, Week in Review, we saw epic displays of unprofessionalism, surprising arrests, and even more Bishop Eddie Long drama. With so much going on, it’s easy to miss some of the week’s big newsmakers. Don’t worry. Parlé’s got you covered.


The BET Hip Hop Awards went down Saturday night in Atlanta, with the night’s big winner being rap-diva-of-the-moment Nicki Minaj. The “Your Love” rapper scooped up three awards, including Rookie of the Year, Made You Look, and People’s Champ. Performers included Diddy, Soulja Boy, Waka Flocka, and more. Antoine Dodson (insert blank stare here) also performed his YouTube “hit,” “The Bed Intruder Song.”

Other news from the event included the utterly ridiculous Twitter beef between BET Executive Vice President of Entertainment & Music, Stephen Hill and Waka Flocka, after the rapper apparently performed the wrong song. Neither side came out looking too good after the dust settled, but apparently Waka’s DJ played the wrong song by mistake and Waka just went with it. Mr. Hill apparently wasn’t aware of the production error, and started a Twitter rant airing his frustrations at the rapper for seemingly disrespecting the show. You can check our article on the incident here.


I don’t know what the hell has been going on with Mario the past few years, but it has got to stop! This Week in Review, has a bunch of him mentioned. First it was that ridiculous bald haircut and revamped “thug-esque” image, and now this. The criminally underrated R & B star was arrested and charged on Friday with one count of second-degree assault against his mother, Shawn Hardaway, in the Baltimore apartment they share. Mario allegedly damaged a China cabinet and a closet door, along with other property on the premises. He later posted $50,000 bond and was released. On Saturday, Mario’s lawyer, Hassan Murphy, released the following statement:

“This is an unfortunate incident between a loving son and a mother who continues to struggle with a devastating addiction. Anyone who has waged the battle to save loved ones from the forces of drugs knows the irrational behavior that almost always accompanies their actions. Despite the allegations, Mario remains committed to supporting his mother.”

Mario had previously chronicled his mother’s battle against heroin addiction in a 2007 MTV documentary titled, “I Won’t Love You to Death.” However, there is no definitive word if his mother’s addiction were a catalyst for the incident.


On Tuesday, Atlanta’s FOX 5 senior I-Team reporter Dale Russell flew to Colorado to track down Jamal Parris, one of the men accusing Bishop Eddie Long of sexual misconduct, as he was leaving a neighborhood Kroger grocery store. While he seemed unwilling to speak at first, Parris eventually opened up and gave an emotional interview, even looking directly into the camera and speaking to the Bishop:

Why you can sit in front of the church and tell them that you categorically deny it. You can’t say that to our face. And you know this. You are not a man, you are a monster.”

A few days later, Spencer LeGrande, the fourth plaintiff in a lawsuit accusing mega preacher Bishop Eddie Long of sexual coercion and other deeds, spoke to Atlanta’s WSB-TV. While LeGrande’s interview wasn’t nearly as emotionally passionate as Parris’, he showed no signs of backing down.

“This is a hard time for the world and you know I have no hate for anyone because God doesn’t produce hate. I pray for everyone, especially Bishop, ’cause he knows the truth, he knows the truth.”

The men’s attorney, B.J. Bernstein said that she did not authorize either of the interviews.

In other Bishop Long news, court documents from the embattled spiritual leader’s divorce from his first wife also made headlines. Fulton County court documents show that in 1985, Dabara S. Houston, the Bishop’s first wife, accused the preacher of “cruel treatment” and physical abuse, including hitting her while she was seven months pregnant with the couple’s only son together. Meanwhile, the Bishop and his legal team continue to deny the sexual misconduct accusations against him. If any of these allegations are true, I wonder how much of that collection plate money is going to getting the Bishop some professional counseling…#JustSayin

Tune in next week for the next Week in Review!

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