Black Actresses in Popular Movies: Roles, Impact And Salaries

Black Actresses in Popular Movies Taraji P Henson
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This exploration of Black Actresses in Popular Movies: Roles, Impact, and Salaries navigates through the captivating performances and narratives that have significantly enriched the tapestry of cinematic history. In the dynamic realm of cinema, black women consistently deliver unparalleled performances, imprinting an enduring legacy on the fabric of film throughout the ages.

Their indomitable impact, whether in pioneering roles or triumphing over challenges behind the scenes, is beyond contention. Embarking on a journey to celebrate and acknowledge the remarkable accomplishments of black women in the film industry, our focus turns to their unforgettable roles.

Black Actresses in Popular Movies, Their Roles and Salaries

  1. Halle Bailey as Ariel in The Little Mermaid


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Halle Bailey’s portrayal of Ariel breathed fresh vitality into the role, despite the budgetary concerns. Her interpretation brought new dimensions to the character, breathing new life into the timeless story while staying true to the spirit of the beloved mermaid. Hollywood’s casting and narrative practices are always changing and evolving, and Bailey’s experience as Ariel is a reflection of both.

Halle Bailey’s pay for stepping into the legendary role has been the subject of reports. Her depiction of Ariel allegedly earned her $1.5 million. Although this amount was a worthy recognition of her abilities, estimates of half a million dollars were put out by other news sources. 

  1. Issa Rae as President Barbie in Barbie


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Issa Rae, celebrated for her creativity and wit, took on the role of President Barbie in the anticipated film “Barbie.” breaking barriers in the toy-to-screen adaptation, Rae’s casting was a landmark moment. The casting decision marked a significant step toward inclusivity, allowing audiences to see a black woman take on a role traditionally depicted with a different image.

However, behind the scenes, negotiations and discussions about compensation unfolded.

Reports emerged detailing the compensation negotiations between Issa Rae and the film’s producers. While Rae initially requested $120,000 for her portrayal of President Barbie, alleged reports suggested that she was ultimately paid $90,000.



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Taraji P. Henson, celebrated for her transformative roles, breathed life into the character of Shug Avery in a groundbreaking film that not only mesmerized audiences but also shattered box office records. Despite this success, Henson’s portrayal in The Color Purple underscores the persistent issue of pay disparity in Hollywood.

The second-biggest Christmas day opening, raking in $54.8 million, showcases the film’s resonance with diverse storytelling. However, the production’s significant investment, totaling $100 million, starkly contrasts with the unequal compensation faced by actresses like Henson, highlighting the ongoing struggle for fair pay in an industry that recognizes the value of authentic representation.

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