Celebrity Drama | Blueface Allegedly Beats Up ChriseanRock’s Friend Over Son’s “Safety”

Blueface Allegedly Beats Up Chrisean Rock's Friend

Blueface allegedly beat up ChriseanRock’s friend, Marsh, when Chrisean left their son, Chrisean, Jr., at 4 AM to be in the studio. Although Rock is an artist, Blueface went to Instagram Live claiming that Chrisean was at the studio hooking up with someone rather than working on music.

He proceeded to call Chrisean a “booth b!tch”, among other names, as he held his son and walked to an Uber/Lyft with Chrisean’s friend, Marsh. He also told his viewers on Instagram live that his fiancée, Jaidyn Alexis, is waiting at the house to fight Chrisean.

Blueface told Marsh didn’t want to be seen on camera but got into the car with Blueface in the front while he sat in the back. Blueface threatened to beat up Marsh if she didn’t leave the car. When she didn’t budge or get out of the car, he turned the camera off.

According to TMZ, “Blueface claims Chrisean abandoned her motherly duties for a booty call … called the entire scene irresponsible on her part — labeling her a “booth bitch” for allegedly ditching their kid in the middle of the night. The “Thotiana” rapper’s anger didn’t end with Chrisean … he promised Marsh that his fiancee, Jaidyn Alexis, was waiting for her at another destination to give her the beats, but the camera cut off before any such violence could be captured.” See video below.

Later on, Chrisean went on her own Instagram live with Jaidyn Alexis! During her Instagram live, Chrisean said Blueface beat up her friend, Marsh and Marsh stalled him so Chrisean could get to Chrisean, Jr. faster. She also said her and Jaidyn had a conversation and realized Blueface was the problem so they got drunk at the gas station and decided to go on Instagram live instead of driving. See video below.

Chrisean Alleges That Blueface Beat Up ChriseanRock’s Friend Marsh


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