Blueface’s Mom Says Chrisean Is Not His Cousin – She Was Mistaken

Blueface's Mum Says Chrisean Is Not His Cousin - She Was Mistaken
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Karlissa now says Blueface and Chrisean are not cousins. Backpedaling on her earlier statement on Monday when she found out that Chrisean Rocks’ mum was Dorsey, “I knew something was going on, Come to find out, Chrisean’s momma is a Dorsey. She is a Dorsey. They related to me! Them my people!” she had said.

“They all strong and act like that. I’m telling you we need to test the baby. That’s why the baby had our DNA! What the f**k, y’all think I’m playing, this could be real.”

Turns out it’s a different Dorsey and Karlissa might have jumped a couple horses. Yesterday, she clarified that she was mistaken about any relations with Chrisean’s family and that she and they have no blood ties. She, however, still does not trust that the child is Blueface’s and she wants a DNA test.

Karlissa also appears to be on her son’s side in this matter despite the not-so-good relationship between them. She proceeded to speak on Blueface hanging off another woman at a party in Miami while his rapper baby mama went into labor on IG live. According to her, her son is a good dad and would have done anything if only to support his child. She added that he was only absent because Chrisean hadn’t made him aware that she was delivering Malone and had just flown out to Maryland out of the blue.

While the relationship between son and mother might have been sour, it seems blood is thicker than water. Or could it be Klarissa (CixoT) trying to get on her son’s good side for her new show? A show we are sure Chrisean wouldn’t be painted well in. At all!

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