Caitlyn Jenner Stands Up For Women Following Transgender Athlete Winning National Title

Caitlyn Jenner trans athlete comments

Earlier this week, Lia Thomas made history as first out trans woman to win Division I NCAA swimming championship.  On Thursday (17 March), Thomas finished first in the women’s 500-yard freestyle.  She is competing in 2 more competitions this weekend as well.  The history making win helped resurface some old Caitlyn Jenner trans athlete comments and in the last couple of days since Thomas’ win Jenner has doubled down on the opinion.

The multi-million dollar worth Caitlyn Jenner, former reality TV star, has made her stance known through tweets that have brought her to the top of the Twitter trending table. Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as athlete and Olympian Bruce Jenner, and is father to famous reality TV personalities; Kylie and Kendall Jenner.  

Jenner originally tweeted an opinion about trans women athletes back in January. There was heavy backlash amongst the transgender community, as well as support and mixed feelings in between.

In the latest comments to Daily Mail, Caitlyn Jenner trans athletes opinion once again was made clear.

“I don’t think biological boys should compete in women’s sports – we have to protect women’s sports… that’s the bottom line”, Jenner, 72, said.

“I don’t see how you can be happy beating other girls under these circumstances. You have to have a sense of personal responsibility. You can still enjoy sports but not play at a competitive level, right?”

PinkNews was one of the first outlets to push back on the Jenner comments, calling Jenner out.  They also note that Jenner recently participated in a women’s golf tournament.

Jenner quoted the tweet and offered an explanation.  Jenner asserted, “I had the balls to stand for women in sports.”

Jenner also pushed back on the notion that she competes in women’s golf tournaments in separate tweets.

There were many opinions on both sides of the argument on Twitter over the last 24 hours.  Unfortunately, Lia Thomas has to compete through this cloud all weekend and in events to come as these debates continue across the country.

Here’s just some of what Twitter had to say about the Caitlyn Jenner trans athlete comments.

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