Karlie Reed Addresses Plastic Surgery Rumors, Denies Having Surgery

Karlie Reed Addresses Plastic Surgery Rumors

Karlie Reed is causing a hubbub on social media. This is following a circulation a photo of her appearing ‘altered’ . She was suspected to have undergone a plastic surgery. Now, Karlie Redd addresses plastic surgery rumors in the wake of the posts going viral.

Since then, many fans and anti-fans alike have taken to social platforms to leave their remarks on her ‘new look’. Most of these comments were less than positive as fans claimed she looked more beautiful naturally.

The Love & Hip Hop star however assured her supporters that other than minor lip injections, she has not gotten any other cosmetic work done. She addressed people talking about her face in a video where she says “Let’s talk about makeup. Let’s talk the real st. You know, because everybody talking st about my face.”

“Let’s keep it real. I got lip injections, and Tim (her makeup artist of nearly ten years whom she introduced in the video) is always getting on me, like, ‘Stop doing the lip injections or whatever.’
So, I’m going to stop because everyone is always talking s**t about my face.”

She continued on to say that, that was all she got on her face and she has “not had any surgery.” She explains that she always made Tim do her makeup with her eyes slanted. “That is my thing; make my eyes catty.”
She claimed and then asks Tim if she has gotten a nose job to which he replied “No nose job”.
Karlie further explains “My nose has always been straight. Look at my daughter’s nose, you can tell we come from a family of straight noses.”

Most fans did not believe this though and while some left nice comments, “The lil work Karlie Reed got done on her face looks good, it’s not too much” others left not-so-nice ones “Why you do that?? I didn’t even know how pretty she used to be. It breaks my heart to think she looks in the mirror and feels like she has to fix her face. Such a pretty “before” face”

An LAHH viewer wrote “She is still so beautiful, but it’s sad what society has done to make us chase youth. There’s nothing wrong with aging gracefully. SMH [Shake my head].”

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