Kel Mitchell’s Ex Is Taking Him To Court Again Over $1.9 Million

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Kel Mitchell’s ex wife is suing him over unpaid spousal and child support. This is after a judge said he no longer owes her anything.


Barely a week ago, a judge gave judgment in favor of Kel proclaiming him to not owe his ex, Tyisha Hampton, any back support. The rationale behind that judgement is because Tyisha received all the proceeds from the sale of their home amounting to $425k.


Apparently, Tyisha is not satisfied as she is returning to court and demanding that her ex husband, Kel Mitchell pays her $1.9 million.


The ex wife to the Game shaker’s star claims she is owed that amount because of his “fraudulent and malicious conduct”.


Kel Mitchell’s ex also accused him of financial abuse. She revealed that she is currently $3million in debt.


Meanwhile, according to court documents, Kel Mitchell’s attorney accused Tyisha of not being completely honest.

He said  “[Tyisha] has a long history of foul play. There is evidence to support that she misrepresented her assets/income to the Court in the past. She has forged a grant deed, and signatures to transfer the title of the family residence in this case. She was charged criminally with identity theft.”


Aside from finances, the former couple also have contradictory allegations relating to child care.


Kel Mitchell’s ex wife accused him of not being a present father meanwhile the actor claims the opposite.

Their daughter supported the claim that Kel Mitchell has been an absent father to her. Allure posted videos that went viral on Tiktok where she revealed her relationship with her father through the years to be non existent.


Kel spoke in court about his experience with Tyisha when he said

“Tyisha has done everything in her power to drag me through her path of destruction,” he said in court. “I was forced to start over and made an active effort to get my life and affairs in order. I focused on rebuilding my relationships and my career. Despite my best efforts, I’ve still had to spend all these years, and thousands of dollars, to defend myself against her actions.”


Kel Mitchell’s history with his ex wife Tyisha Hampton

Kel Mitchell’s relationship with his  now ex wife Tyisha Hampton started in 1996 when they met at a Hollywood party.

Tyisha is a former actress and once appeared on Kel Mitchell’s former Nickelodeon sitcom, Kenan amd Kel. The paired married in 1999, the same year they welcomed their first child, Lyric. After their son, they had a daughter named Allure.

They eventually divorced in 2005.



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