Charlamagne Tha God Gets Sued Over Alleged Sexual Assault

Charlamagne Tha God sued

Evidently, Bill Cosby is not the only one in the hot seat over allegations from a woman. A lady has sued Charlamagne Tha God in conjunction to a sexual assault she says he committed over two decades ago against her. Accordant to court documents, Jessica Reid (the purported victim) has filed a federal lawsuit in a New York court against The Breakfast Club co-host.

Lenard McKelvey, better known as Charlagmagne Tha God, is being accused of “willfully, unlawfully, and feloniously engage in penile/vaginal intercourse with a fifteen-year-old female child.” McKelvey was 22 years old when the alleged sexual abuse took place. After attending the radio personality’s birthday party in June 2001 in Charleston, SC at the Short Stay Naval Recreational Center, Jessica Reid did not cooperate with law enforcement’s investigation after they discovered her supposedly “crying uncontrollably.”

After Reid was treated with a rape kit, McKelvey’s DNA was also not unearthed. Underneath Reid’s fingernails materials were taken and analyzed, and the results came back “nothing of apparent serological evidentiary value.” However, due to supplying Reid with alcohol, Charlamagne pled guilty to “contributing to the delinquency of a minor.” The sexual assault charge was thrown out, but the litigious radio star ended up serving three years on probation.

In reference to Charlamagne Tha God now being sued by Jessica Reid, Michael Weinstein (his attorney) said: “We are confident that Ms. Reid’s meritless civil lawsuit in which she represents herself will be promptly dismissed. This is the same sexual assault claim that was fully investigated and dismissed by authorities in South Carolina more than 21 years ago.”

Charlamagne Tha God sued
Charlamagne Tha God has been sued over an alleged sexual assault stemming from 2001

Weinstein added: “It is also the same matter that Ms. Reid tried to re-open in 2018 that the South Carolina Solicitor General declined to re-open, suggesting among other things it was ‘not ethical’ to do so.”

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