Chris Brown “Bussin” Cannabis Strain Debuts on Instagram

Chris Brown bussin cannabis
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Chris Brown’s “Bussin” cannabis strain debuts on Instagram with a video of him working, dancing and ‘stealing’ at what looks to be a dispensary. As an iconic singer, dancer and performer, Chris Brown is expanding his talents into the world of cannabis. The “Bitches N Marijuana” artist is known for his affinity for cannabis, so why not turn his passion into a profit?

Chris Brown’s “Bussin” cannabis strain is in collaboration with Originals Family Farms, dubbed the best dispensary in California, and Shaggy Brown, the renowned cannabis supplier to the stars, under the OHB Farms brand. There was an official launch party on Friday, October 27th.

According to Black Cannabis Magazine,

Chris Brown and Originals have teamed up to introduce a new cannabis strain, “Bussin,” under the OHB Farms brand. This collaboration aims to deliver an authentic cannabis experience, setting it apart in a market often skeptical of celebrity-endorsed products. Shaggy Brown, the renowned cannabis supplier to the stars and the force behind “Shaggy Snacks”, facilitated this partnership. The collaboration has been in the works since Chris first visited Originals’ cultivation facilities [in 2021]… The “Bussin” strain promises to deliver on both quality and authenticity. With Shaggy Brown’s expertise and Originals’ top-notch cultivation practices, this strain, under the OHB Farms brand, is set to be a hit.

OHB Farms Instagram post mentions that “Bussin’ will come in two tasty flavors: #BERRYHAPPY & #MOONWALKER. Prices haven’t been announced yet. Other celebrities have launched cannabis brands and/or farms including Jaleel White (Urkel), Drake, Snoop Dogg, Mike Tyson, and Wiz Khalifa.

Recently, Chris Brown has made the news by getting hit with another lawsuit. TMZ reported that ” ‘Brown’ is being sued by a man named Abe Diaw, who claims Chris smashed him over the head with a bottle of Don Julio 1942 tequila back in February at TAPE nightclub in England. In the lawsuit, Diaw claims Chris wielded the tequila bottle like a weapon as he pummeled Diaw over the head with “crushing blows.”

Although he is no stranger to violence and lawsuits, do you think Chris Brown’s “Bussin” cannabis partnership be impacted by this recent controversy or it business as usual for the “Loyal” rapper? Are you excited to try the strain if you’re in California? Let us know in the comments or on social media.

Image: Prince Williams / Contributor  |  Getty Images