ChriseanRock Speaks Out About Her Son Needing Hernia Surgery After Blueface Exposes Their Son

ChriseanRock speaks about hernia surgery

ChriseanRock speaks about her son needing hernia surgery after Blueface goes to Twitter about the situation.

It was revealed by Blueface that ChriseanRock missed their son’s appointment for him to have the surgery, which had Blueface furious about the complications and the pain that his son may be feeling during this time.

Blueface Tweets About Chrisean Jr. Surgery

He then takes it upon himself to expose his son by showing his Twitter fans his private parts as to state that this is why he needs the surgery. It has since been deleted from his social meida.

ChriseanRock speaks about hernia surgery

But ChriseanRock feels as though all Blueface tends to do lately is throw shade at her and her son because he isn’t happy about the new house that she bought for herself while also stating that he doesn’t even come into the house even after having a key to do so.

ChriseanRock Speaks About Hernia Surgery in Respoonse to Blueface

She also pointed out the reason why Blueface even came to Balitmore was because he wanted to drop a new song not because he wanted to be apart of Chrisean Jr. surgery. Either way, it seems as though more drama is revolved around the two after ChriseanRock delivered her baby.

Many people are furious about hearing the missed surgery while others are still concerned about their relatonship and how it could possibly be affecting the baby long term

After the Walmart incident with ChriseanRock having Chrisean Jr. half way out of the baby carrier, many people are questioning on if she is even fit to be a mother, alongside Blueface being in a relationship with his other babymama Jaidyn.

It just seems as though they have a lot of things to still work through being young and a parent is not easy.

This morning ChriseanRock woke up to finding out about Blueface exposing his son’s hernia. She went on IG live to discuss the matter and how furious it made her feel from learning about it.

But it seems as though Blueface is defending himself by stating that his Twitter was hacked.

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